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Breastfeeding Pads
DIY Breast Pads Tutorial
Why spend money where you don’t need to? Disposable breast pads can cost anywhere from fifty cents up to one dollar per day and at the end of the day, it all goes in the trash! But you can make your own stylish and functional breast pads very easily. The basic pad is an outer fabric with absorbent layers. You can pick out fabrics with patterns or even use things you already have around the house to save even more money.

The first layer -that goes against your body- needs to be a fabric that is lightweight and does not chafe. Also you want to choose a fabric that wicks or pulls in moisture so that the leaks can pass through. Some options for outer fabric would be cotton, flannel, jersey knit, bamboo terry or raw silk (which both have antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities) and athletic jersey mesh.
Inside the pad you want fabric that will continue to wick and retain moisture, such as cotton, flannel, bamboo fleece, hemp terry, wool (for example quilt batting, you can get scraps very cheap), microfiber or Zorb. You will need at least 2 layers of this fabric.  If you leak a lot of breastmilk you may want 3-4 layers, especially with the thinner fabrics.
The last layer -that goes against your clothing- can be the same as the first layer or the same as the inside layers. It can also be a waterproof material or water resistant material if you prefer this as an option like PUL for example. It's ideal to use 100% polyester thread because it is not absorbent and will help keep the pads from leaking around the edges. No matter which fabrics you choose, you will want to change your pads often to prevent complications. If your nipples have wetness against them, it can cause irritation and contribute to growing colonies of bacteria and yeast.

The fabrics I like to use are flannel, quilt batting, and flannel backing. It is frugal, thin and effective. I think the pad stays in place better with the flannel backing. You can play around and find what works for you. Here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own breast pads. I am using contrasting colors so you can better see the entire process.
Breastfeeding Pads
Start with the inside fabric and put it into layers. You can use a large cup as a stencil or any lid from a container such as a mason jar lid or a yogurt lid.
Breastfeeding Pads
Trace around the lid.  Then place your outer layer fabrics on top and get those traced as well.
Cut out your pattern.
Place the outer fabric pattern pieces on both sides of the inner fabric layers, making a sandwich. If you are using outer fabrics with patterns, be sure to keep the pattern side facing outwards.
Line up the edges.  You can pin the edges to help if you need to keep them more secure.
Set your sewing machine to a zigzag stitch.
Breast Pads Tutorial
You want the widest stitch, 1.5 apart.
Line it up with 1/8 seam. The needle should pass over the edge.
Make your first pass around. Trim the edges.
Make 2-3 more passes around.
That's it!  You're done!
Breast Pads Tutorial

Have you made your own breast pads?  Which fabrics did you like best?  Do you have any other tips to share?  Comment below!

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