Tuesday, August 16, 2016
If you have a fussy, teething baby and reach out for advice on natural remedies, you may have noticed other parents say that the pain their child had with teething was drastically reduced because of their use of a Baltic Amber necklace.  
 You may be wondering how do these necklaces work?   How do you know which kind to get?  What is the difference between Baltic Amber and Hazelwood? 
Let me introduce you to Baltic Essentials!  Baltic Essentials carries a wide variety of jewelry for children, adults and pets too!  The collection includes Baltic Amber designs in either polished or unpolished, as well as gorgeous color variants like lemon, honey, milk, cognac and black cherry.  The Hazelwood designs can be combined with Baltic Amber and/or a mixture of other therapeutic, eye-catching stones.
I have to admit that I'm not new to Baltic Amber.  I was curious about this holistic treatment after having two kids that required multiple investments in teething pain remedies, so I purchased a Baltic Amber necklace for my third child when she was 6 months old.  After that, I never had to buy anything else to aid her.  All her teething symptoms disappeared entirely, so I tell all my friends to give it a try with their babies too!  However, I am new to Hazelwood.  My fourth child, who is almost 3 months has shown some signs of reflux and a friend mentioned Hazelwood could benefit. I was sent jewelry in exchange for a review and I'm so excited to share with you what I learned!

The Rainbow Hazelwood Baby Necklace is made with twigs from the Corylus Cornuta, there are 18 different varieties of plant indigenous to North America and it was first traditionally used as medicine by Native Americans. (1)  The Hazelwood is known to absorb and neutralize your body's acids to assist with digestion, heartburn, acid reflux, and are believed to also have healing powers for eczema, arthritis, migraines and depression.
This necklace is 11 inches and should fit for several months.  It additionally holds beautiful stones-there is Baltic Amber, Pink Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aventurine, Crysocolla and Red Agate. These stones promote good purifying energy, and they're so colorful and vibrant, I enjoy the way they look on my baby!
My infant daughter wears the necklace just a few hours a day.  Even with only those few hours, I honestly feel that after 2 days I noticed her spitting up less.  She still spits up, but not as frequently or as much volume. I was on the verge of going to the physician because her spit up was so often, but it is not much of a concern any more.  It is my opinion that the Rainbow Hazelwood Baby Necklace has helped with this advancement. As she grows, I can purchase an extension or upgrade to a larger necklace.
Necklaces are NOT to teethe on, they are not meant to be placed in the child's mouth.  They are meant to be placed on the skin and only used with direct supervision.
The Baltic Amber Adult & Child Set in Polished Lemon is something unique to unite mom and baby, and makes a great baby shower gift!  
 This set is polished, which adds more shine as you can see in the photo above.  The infant necklace is 12.5 inches and the adult necklace is 17 inches.
Baltic Amber is an organic remedy, the microscopic oils (succinic acid) from the fossilized resin seep into your skin, which are a natural analgesic and aid in pain relief.  (2)
Like I said earlier, I personally believe Baltic Amber is beneficial with teething.  Although my little one isn't yet teething, I still think it can help with any pain my child may experience.  Since I've been wearing my necklace, I feel like my immunity has had a little boost.  I have hashimoto disease, a disorder of the thyroid gland and I am hopeful that this necklace may help me combat my symptoms with more ease.
The choice between which necklaces to get can be difficult, because there's so many good things about them!  My suggestion would be to get both a Hazelwood and a Baltic Amber necklace and try them out like I have, maybe there's one that you'll notice works better for you.  Or you could get a mixed necklace that has both Hazelwood and Baltic Amber!! Baltic Essentials has many options and their products come with an authenticity guarantee, you can return it if it isn't just what you asked for, so you can feel confident your design will be perfect for you!
The jewelry shown from Baltic Essentials has screw clasps, which is great because they conceal the closure and blend into the design very nicely. The screw clasps are very easy to use, but there ARE more options available in closures!  Pop clasps, lobster clasps and stretch cord as well!
Shop Baltic Essentials www.balticessentials.com or you can find many of their products also on AMAZON!
LIKE Baltic Essentials on Facebook and Follow on Instagram for new product announcements and special deals/discounts!
What's my favorite thing about Baltic Essentials?  They have so many choices in colors that you really just want to buy them all!  I love the products, they really seem to work for us. I think anyone would like to have a special piece of jewelry from Baltic Essentials!
Is there anything I'd change?  NOTHING!
I give Baltic Essentials a 10/10!
 Here's a chance for you to win $50 store credit to Baltic Essentials!
To enter, just fill out the competition form below! Open to US and Canada. Must be 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Giveaway will run from 8/16/16-8/30/16. Winner will be announced on this post as well as emailed. You will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.
This giveaway is hosted by Latched On Mom and co-hosted by Mama Hippie & Mama Banana's Adventures!

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  1. I've tried Baltic Amber but never hazel wood! Would love to try it.

  2. My son has been wearing his amber necklace from Baltic essentials on and off for about a month. I can definitely tell the difference in his teething behavior on the days he's not wearing it! I love it!

  3. We have tried baltic amber but never hazelwood! We would love to try that!

  4. I have tried Baltic Amber but not Hazelwood. I have 2 girls under the age of 2 what have been wearing Amber and I love it. Even though I have not tried Hazelwood, I don't think my girls are at a age that would benefit them. I do need to replace one if the Amber necklaces though as one of the beads has fallen off and the other necklace we have is unpolished and I would like to replace with a polished one.

  5. I have tried both!! I prefer Amber, but only for comfort factor!! I have super sensitive skin and have found hazelwood to be so scratchy!!

  6. I've never tried either for pain relief. I have an amber pennant that I like to wear. I love that there are healing properties them 💕

  7. If I won I'd like to try the Adult & Child Set Polished Lemon Baltic Amber Teething Necklace!! We'd be so cool together! Would love to see how this works 😎

  8. I've seen Amber and hazelwood necklaces for babies but I've never bought one, mostly because they are so expensive, and although pretty I understood the actual medicinal effect to be debated. They are beautiful though, and I think it's worth a try, I just couldn't afford one at the time. I would totally try one myself, as I suffer from depression and anxiety, so, again, it wouldn't hurt to try it :)

    1. I would choose a raw Amber and lapis lazuli necklace for myself, and for baby, I love the rainbow semi precious stone necklace with raw Amber in it.

  9. I have tried both baltic amber and Hazelwood. I love both! I really can tell a difference wearing the baltic amber with the stiffness in my fingers disappearing.

  10. I would choose the Raw UnPolished Raw Black Cherry Baltic Amber and Lapis Lazuli 19 Inch Baltic Amber Necklace for Big Kid, Teenager, or Adult. I love these colors.

  11. I've heard lots about these, but have not used them yet!

  12. I haven't tried either myself. I think I'd like the baltic amber.

  13. I have not tried either but I love the look of the amber 😍 My little one will be joining us earth side in December!

  14. I have tried baltic amber before for my youngest who is teething & it has been amazing!


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