Saturday, July 30, 2016

If you pump milk, you know how important it is to have reliable breast milk storage bags.  There's many brands out there and I am working on trying them all to find the best there is!  Fairhaven Health recently added Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags to their breastfeeding support product line and I was sent some in exchange for a review. 
These storage bags come with the slogan, "No Break, No Leak" because the sides are reinforced, making them extra durable and they offer a double zipper closure to prevent any leaks!
Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags come with 50 bags total, are BPA free and are made of a high quality food grade plastic. They have been pre-sterilized, meaning all you have to do is tear or cut the top to remove it, slide your clean finger(s) in to separate the zipper closure and begin to pour the milk in.  It will stand by itself once a little milk is in, making it easier to pour. Once your milk is safely in, the convenient storage guidelines printed on the bag assures your milk is safe for use later on.
I like that the label is at the top of the bag to chart the date and volume, which is the last thing you see when putting it in to the freezer and the first thing you see when taking it out.
When you place your bag into the freezer, you can lay it flat to allow more storage room.  If there are several ounces in the bag, it will still be able to stand when you pull it out.
There is one problem with the bags at this time.  They are not printed correctly.  The volume is off about an ounce.  Because of this, they are offered at a HUGE discount and soon- within a month or so, the new lot will have the corrected printing.
The misprint has no effect on the value of these bags, I find them extremely reliable throughout the storage process. In the photo above, I show how I had pumped what appears to be over 6 ounces when in reality it was 5.  After freezing flat, the bag will look as though the milk expanded and it will have a small air bubble.   The best way I have found to thaw a bag is by running it under warm water.  You can also set the bag in a bowl of warm water or just place in the fridge and let it that that way.
Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags are sturdy and are designed with pumping moms in mind. I can honestly tell anyone that so far, these bags truly seem to hold up amazingly better than the majority I've tried.
What's my favorite thing about this product?  They are super strong and reliable!
Is there anything I'd change?  I wish there was a way to pump directly to the bag, skipping the pouring part.
I give Milkies Breast Milk Storage Bags a 10/10!
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  1. Thanks for the review I was wondering if they pump directly in or if they were a poor. However double reinforced is nice. I have had many bags bust open.

  2. I've tried some lansolin bags and some ameda pour and store bags that came with my hand pump. I would love to try these though since they are BPA free. I'm not sure about the others and have considered putting my milk in glass to store it instead but it would take up so much room in my freezer.

  3. I've tried a variety of bags but never these ones. I don't like the Medela or Gerber ones at all, they both tend to rip/split on me. I like the lanisoh and nuk ones best so far. Would love to give these a try!

  4. I know that my daughter has just started pumping and is using some leftover storage bags from her sister-in-law. I would love to gift this to her. Thanks

  5. I've tried 5 different bags so far and have yet to find one I'm in love with. Some have been very small, hard to pour the milk into, they don't stand alone or they leak. I would love to give Milkies a try! I love the No Break No Leak promise�� That's so important to me. Carrie Lee

  6. I've never tried these but would love to. I don't pump much, Only when I'm away from babe or really get over full.The only bags I've ever boughten are the lansinoh bags. Love them but these look amazing too!

  7. I haven't ever used bags. I don't pump...ever. I only do feeding on demand and it's always worked out for me. I'd love to try them. I plan on getting a pump this time around.


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