Friday, September 18, 2015
If you have a little one, you may have already started looking at Halloween costume ideas.  Dressing up yourself might not be on your radar just yet, but I'm here to inspire you to join in on the Halloween fun!  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I want to help you come up with the perfect costume!  Breastfeeding moms need to consider a costume that is functional for nursing/pumping as well, so this post is intended with that convenience in mind.
First just narrow down the options... start with what your personal style and budget allows.  Do you have a baby carrier?  That'll be super handy!  Do you like unique, creative ideas?  You can pull a DIY!  Need something quick?  Lots of ideas here on my Top Ten Halloween Costumes for Breastfeeding Moms!!

10- Mummy
A mummy costume is versatile, you can use what you've got! Super simple, you can use fabric scraps (check out THIS PIN of Upcycled Mummy Costumes on Pinterest) like ripped bed sheets/curtains or just grab some white crepe paper, rolled gauze wrap and some white clothes- Breastfeeding moms can use one of their nursing shirts for super easy & discreet access!  This costume even looks super cute when you're pregnant!
Pregnant Mummy Costume
9- Goddess
Mothers are phenomenal, we harbor a child within our womb and create the perfect food substance to sustain the child for a year or longer! So go ahead and show off your inner breastfeeding goddess!  A no-sew greek goddess costume can be real quick to assemble and it's so pretty! Check out the tutorial of this costume on Dallas Museum of Art Uncrafted and all the gorgeous accessories that go with it.
Goddess Halloween Costume
8- Cow
The first thing people think when they see a cow is milk, probably... pretty straightforward costume idea, I guess that's why I like it.  Plus, if you like Chick-fil-a you'll have a costume for free food ready for their cow appreciation day.  All you need for this is a white shirt, black paint and a potato or two.  Homegrown Strawberries shows how it's done!
DIY Cow Costume
And if you're using a stroller, might as well bring along the barn, and the farmer or farm animals (if you have other kiddos/significant other who'd like to comply).
Halloween Farmer Costume
7- Spider in a Spider Web
If you have a baby carrier, this one will be a breeze.  Put some stuffing in some socks to make the extra legs, add some rope or string as the web and you're all set!
Spiderweb Halloween
6- Mother Earth or Eve
I think a lot of people may like these costume ideas because they take breastfeeding back to the origins of time.
Above is a beautiful costume Jami Luu put together, adorned with vines from head to toe (she even painted her stretch marks to look like vines ) with bright pink blossoms.  What a wonderful way to celebrate motherhood!  Thanks for letting me share your beautiful photos!
If you have a nude colored tank top to glue some plastic fig leaves from the craft store you can pull a fast DIY that will work well with breastfeeding but there's so many other Eve costumes out there!
Halloween Costume
5- Crazy Cat Lady
If you love cats and have an ergobaby baby carrier, you can do what I did a couple years ago!  

4- Pea in the Pod
This is another one especially for babywearing enthusiasts!  A GREEN ring sling would capture the effect best!  Baby just needs a little bunting and cap and you'll definitely win the "awwwwww" award.
Babywearing Costume
3- Server/Waitress
24/7 open buffet for baby! This just makes sense :)
from: Smiffy's
2- WonderMom
Every mom is a superhero! We have to take into account that our strength, determination and hard work is represented in our breastfeeding journeys. You are amazing and deserve a day of glory (plus your little one can be one kick butt sidekick)!
Breastfeeding Supermom
1-  Your Favorite Celeb
Which celeb breastfeeding photograph is your favorite?  Glam it up celeb style!
Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume
Check out more HALLOWEEN stuff over on my Halloween Pinterest board!
Remember to have fun and make some memories with your little one, it sure goes by fast.
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