Monday, August 24, 2015
The 2015-2016 school year is here and there's a lot to think about!  Every year is a fresh start, a new chapter that can be very exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. My daughter is going to start kindergarten and my son is going to be going to junior high, while my toddling 2 year old and I get some time alone at home!  This year is going to be a big adjustment for us... Waking up and feeling motivated to start the day is probably the most difficult task for my family.  Here's a couple tips that I have found really improve morning routines!

1.  Get to bed earlier.  Aim for a minimum of 10 hours of sleep, so structure their bedtime accordingly.  Having an hour of quiet time before bedtime helps relax the body to prepare for a good night's sleep.  For example, when it's 8 pm, they go to their room and do a calm activity like drawing, reading or the such for an hour and lights out at 9.  Follow their good behavior with positive reinforcement like special mommy and me time at the end of the week or another token of appreciation. Bonus tip:  alarm clocks make it easier getting out of bed!  My suggestions are the Peaceful Progression Aromatherapy and Nature Sounds Wake-Up Alarm Clock or for younger kids the OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock and Nightlight.
2. Prepare ahead of time.  Have their packed lunch ready, homework all in the backpack, breakfast planned and tomorrow's school clothes laid out.  Make the hunt for "Where's my planner?" or shoes or headbands or whatever go away for good!  Bonus tip: don't forget to program your coffee machine the night before, I know a morning without coffee is a nightmare here.
3.  Let your kids pick their clothes they want to wear.  When your child is excited about special clothes that they feel comfortable in, it really helps!  We get a monthly outfit subscription for our 5 year old from FabKids and my 5 year old picks out everything herself. She loves showing off her style and is more apt to get dressed when it's something she feels good wearing.  FabKids has unique clothes that are fashionable and affordable for boys and girls ages 2-12 years of age.  When I signed up for the their VIP program, I get $10 store credit per referral and every person who signs up also through my link and buys one outfit gets another outfit free!  That's an awesome deal for back to school clothes!
Check out my little sweetie in her outfit she picked for her first day of school!  
4.  Eat a nutritious breakfast.  A few "brain foods" include oatmeal, bananas, blueberries, nuts, spinach and eggs.  Need some recipes with these?  Check out these pins for inspiration!
5.  Keep it simple.  I love To-Do Charts and the simpler they are, the easier it is to stay connected. Whatever helps keep the peace is a win!  When you are in a good mood, your kids will reflect your attitude.  I made a printable morning task chart that can help!  You can use color-coded paperclips per child if you have more than one.  One paperclip per task and when it's completed they can move it to the "DONE" side.  You can add graphics of your choice for each task to further illustrate!  Just LIKE & visit my Facebook page to download!


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