Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Dear "Fellow Breastfeeding Mother Who Just Doesn't Get It,"

There is a controversy about nursing in public, and you made that clear with your post.
You asked, "Is it really that hard to cover up?"
Here's some things for you to think about. And any others who think covering up or privately breastfeeding is a better solution.
1. Being able to feed a hungry child immediately is crucial for breastfeeding success.
Delaying breastfeeding sessions can disrupt milk production.  Kellymom says, "To speed milk synthesis and increase daily milk production, the key is to remove more milk from the breast and to do this quickly and frequently, so that less milk accumulates in the breast between feedings."  (source HERE)  Do you realize when you argue against nursing in public that you are asking mothers to withhold nourishment from their children?
2. A person feeding their child with a bottle is welcome to do so anywhere.
Having a separate set of standards between bottle feeding and breastfeeding is discriminatory.  A bottle nipple is modeled after a mother's nipple, right?
3.  Have you eaten with your head covered?  Have you eaten in a bathroom?
If your answer is no, then until you do so every single time you eat, you cannot assume it's good for anyone else.
4.  What is it that is offensive?  What do you SEE?
Is it a nipple like a man's but it's slightly larger and produces food for offspring?  If you see that as sexual, if you see that as obscene, if you're worried that this one act will influence the way your children see breasts THEN you are the problem.
It is a stigma.  We do have laws to protect our rights to breastfeed wherever we are but when people like you tear us down and shame us, we are less likely to meet our breastfeeding goals.  Quit sexualizing it. Society starts with you... that's the point you need to learn.
A Mom Who Has Been Through It All And Knows Better

I made up a graphic with just a few words that explain what breastfeeding is.  Feel free to use and share!


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