Tuesday, June 9, 2015
I love using cloth diapers!  We've saved hundreds of dollars by using cloth diapers, as well as approximately 5000 disposable diapers from being put in a landfill!  They're great, but when you start accumulating diapers, you may feel they look all jumbled up, lacking order.  All of our cloth diapers are in a plastic tote in the living room, all blah... they need some attention right now and I know I might not be the only one looking for a sensible solution to this dilemma.

Here are my 5 favorite cloth diaper organization ideas I found on Pinterest!

There are several factors that you may want to consider when choosing how to organize and store your cloth diapers:
1.  Where do you usually change diapers?
You most likely would want the diapers stored close to where you change them most often.  Having to run into another room (or up and down stairs) isn't much fun.
2.  Do you prefer diapers hidden away or is it ok having them displayed?
I love seeing my rainbow of fluff, but I also don't want them to be the first noticeable thing when walking into my house.
3. Will little hands bring complete utter chaos to your neatly stored diaper area?
Kids love cloth diapers, they're theirs.  They know it and they will play with them like toys if they can!
4.  Is it a clean area, no chances of ugly mishaps that could ruin your stash?
Keeping dirty diapers in a pail next to the clean diapers may not be something you want to do.  Anything stinky or gross doesn't belong by the clean fabrics about to go on your sweet angel's tiny cute bottom.  It's good to think about the potential hazards around the diapers that could influence their cleanliness.
I asked the local mamas I know to show me how they organize their fluff, thank you Amelia, Emilie, CaLove, Kristina and Amy!
Check out more organization options that are available on amazon.com below!

I'm going to get a cart from Amazon to help organize and store my cloth diapers....
I hope you found these ideas helpful!
What does your fluff stash look like right now?  What have you found the most helpful in keeping it organized?


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