Wednesday, April 29, 2015
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Are you looking into getting reusable menstrual products? A few months ago, I started looking into all the different options available.  A friend of mine recommended me to check out GladRags but warming up to the idea of reusing bloody pads took some getting used to.  It wasn't until I won an Instagram contest held by GladRags that I decided to take the plunge for real.
Honestly, I didn't know what would be best for me, but the customer service at GladRags happily chatted about my options and worked to find the best product for me.  After their advice, I chose the Color Night Pads in "Hoot Couture."  This pad is the one to get for the best overall protection.
The pad has such a cute, bright colored pattern of owls.  It's adorable.  There are several other patterns available, as well.  The outside fabric is 100% cotton, a very soft but strong flannel material.  Inside the pad, absorbent terry cloth is sewn in, which helps keep you dry.
The Color Night Pad is 14 inches long and about 3 inches wide at the middle.  It is the longest and widest pad GladRags offer. On the back side, there is an "envelope" to slide in the 2 inserts that come along.  You've got a total of 6 layers of flannel and 3 layers of terry cloth when using the inserts, giving you maximum protection.
 The edges of the pad are serged and the stitching is very durable and professional.  There are nickle-free metal snaps to attach around your underwear.
This pad has changed my life.  When I put it on, I couldn't believe how comfortable it was. You'd think it'd be bulky with all the layers but I seriously didn't even notice it there.  You get even more coverage with this pad than a disposable.  It doesn't shift around, it doesn't bunch up, and it lasted me all night on my heaviest flow!  Cloth pads don't have dangerous chemicals like disposables do and don't cost as much in the end.  Using cloth pads is a great choice to help protect our environment. I never will go back to disposable pads again!
Here's the part you're probably wondering the most about- how to wash and care for your pads.  There are two methods that GladRags suggest, I chose the SOAKING METHOD.  Just toss your pads into a bucket of water and let them soak.  The water will help prevent stains.  If you choose this method, you will want to change out the water daily until you're ready to wash. I wash at the end of my cycle... one single load per month.  GladRags say to use a cold wash, but I did not find the pads coming as clean as I'd like so I use a cold prerinse and hot wash.  The hot water has made the colors fade but the pad is still in absolute excellent condition after 3 cycles.  I line dry whenever possible, but you can tumble dry low.  
GladRags has an Organic Night Pad, which I love just as much as the Color Night Pads (shown on left in image above)!
What's my favorite thing about GladRags Night Pads?
They're trim but they're super absorbent and breathable!  I feel confident and secure I won't have leaks using these pads!
Is there anything that I'd change about this product?
There's not one thing that I think would improve the product, it works wonderfully!
I give GladRags Reusable Menstrual Pads a 10/10!
Go check out all the reusable menstrual products GladRags offer on their website, and be sure to LIKE GladRags on Facebook to find out more about special promotions!


  1. Oh gosh the owl pattern is adorable!

  2. Oh gosh the owl pattern is adorable!

  3. I ordered thru amazon, thinking I would get sage/green. One pad was bright red, the other two looked like cherry blossoms. Still, I am excited to use them.

    After seeing your photos, I will be grabbing some organic night pads too. They are so clean, that I am convinced staining won't be an issue.

    Thanks for sharing!


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