Sunday, January 18, 2015
I have been working on figuring on Google Analytics (GA) for a couple months now and haven't been able to understand it.  It's something that I have wanted to get put up because GA will analyze your visitor data to your site.  This is very important if you plan on working with affiliates because it shows you exactly where your audience is from, how they came across your blog, what they're reading on your blog, how long they stick around, how often they come back around, and more!   Affiliates often ask for Unique Monthly Views (UMV's) or Unique Hits, both of which can be found on GA. But GA is a confusing site... I've tried finding out how to use it and I even asked in several blogger support groups about getting some assistance setting mine up or at least share tips.  I wasn't really getting anywhere.  Until I saw a post by We're Parents- Introducing Blogger Tips, Tricks and Resources Series.  I was so happy that Larisha from We're Parents took a few moments of her time to explain things to me about GA!  Another good friend, Holly Lynn from Freek's Creations, who has worked on creating websites was the one who told me the trick to putting in the HTML into my Blogger template.  I figured there's others out there like me that really could use a little help, so I'm going to share everything I learned today. 
I'lm going to show you how to easily install Google Analytics into your Blogger template.
First go to Google Analytics-
Then create an account at the top right corner.
Once you log in with your Google account info, a screen will come up asking you to sign up for GA.  Click the Sign Up button.
Then you'll be asked to set up your account.  I'm getting my design blog signed up for this tutorial, since I already have Latched On Mom added.  Fill out your information, select your category, add your time zone, and keep the recommended boxes checked then hit the Get Tracking ID button at bottom of the page.
Read through the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement, hit ACCEPT.  On the next page that comes up, you'll be under the Admin tab, displaying your Tracking ID and Tracking Code.  Highlight the code (shown in red box) with your mouse by left clicking, dragging, right click and COPY.  
Now go to your blogger dashboard. Under Template tab, click on EDIT HTML.
A bunch of HTML script will come up... You have to paste your GA code in the correct place in order for it to work correctly.  You should see <head> around line 4.  Place the cursor right behind that, and hit ENTER so you're on line 5.  You want an empty line between <head> and your GA HTML tracking code, as well as an empty line after it (notice the pointy fingers showing the spaces in screenshot below)...
Click the Orange SAVE TEMPLATE button and then go to your Settings tab.  Choose the Other option, as shown in red circle in screenshot below.
Where the empty box is that says Analytics Web Property ID enter your Tracking ID from GA that was right above the Tracking Code. 
Go up and click on the top right Orange box that says Save Settings.  You're all set!  
If you find this tutorial helpful, I'd love if you'd share it with others!  


  1. Okay, I need to do this step by step! Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for the step by step it makes it simple for me. I need to do this.

  3. Thanks for sharing. You make it look a lot easier than when I had to do it myself.

  4. I remember first trying to do this... I was very overwhelmed! I'm still trying to figure out ALL the details that GA has within it!

    1. Yes, I am going through GA learning all the ropes now. But thank goodness the hardest part is over!


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