Thursday, December 11, 2014
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I've been striving to find ways to cut all the chemicals out of my life and recently read that dryer sheets and fabric softener are laden with a concoction of untested toxic chemicals.  After use, dryer sheets are just thrown into the garbage can and end up in the landfill.  Scary, right?  I definitely don't want that stuff in my home, if I can help it! 
I've been wanting to substitute my dryer sheets with something natural and when I found Woolzies, I did a happy dance!  I was provided a Woolzies Dryer Balls 6 Pack for reviewing purposes. 
 Woolzies are handmade of 100% pure wool in New Zealand.  Here's some important facts about Woolzies Dryer Balls:
  • are chemical free
  • can reduce drying time by 25% 
  • hypo-allergenic
  • last for 1,000 loads of laundry
  •  reduce static and wrinkles
  • naturally softens clothes
  • safe for those with wool sensitivities
 Because Woolzies are handmade, the size/shape per ball may vary, however I'd estimate the size to be comparable to a tennis ball.  It's recommended that you use 6 or more balls for large loads.  When they're put into the dryer, they create more space between the clothing, pushing the air through.  This improves the drying circulation and saves time, energy and money for you.
Wool has many benefits! It has a natural outer layer which repels moisture and odors from settling into the fabric, giving it antimicrobial capabilities.  It is strong fiber and can last for a very long time.  It is also fire resistant, and environmentally sustainable. My grandfather had sheep on his farm, and I have a lot of appreciation for farmers.  When you buy wool products, you are supporting farmers!
Woolzies Dryer Balls really did cut down my drying time!  I usually use a normal setting with medium heat on my natural cloth diaper materials (all the cottons, bamboos, hemps) and sometimes they don't seem to dry completely.  Since using Woolzies, I haven't had to add any extra time to the dryer cycle.  Also, for my clothing, I have not had any static buildup with Woolzies. My clothes always come out dry and smelling fresh like clothes should smell. 
What do I like most about Woolzies Dryer Balls?  No more nasty chemicals!  Yay!
Is there anything that I would change about Woolzies?  I honestly can't think of one thing.  I love Woolzies Dryer Balls!
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Woolzies Dryer Balls 6 Pack
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  1. I use probably 10 dryer sheets a week, perhaps more. I like these because I could eliminate the harsh chemicals. I don't really like the smell of dryer sheets.

  2. I use a bottle of fabric softener each month. I would love to try these. I like to be as "green" as possible and for a long time went without fabric softener. But in the winter the static is just too great. These might be a solution that would work for me and my family.

  3. I do not use fabric softener in my laundry, and I try not to use fabric sheets. In the colder weather though, the static is awful. I intend to buy some of these anyway, but winning them would leave me with extra money for gifts this Christmas! :)

  4. I don't have a dryer, but these really sound nice! Recommending them to my dryer friends ;)

  5. I use an ecofriendly fabric softener about one a week when I do my sheets. I own some wool dryer balls and I love them! They cut down on drying time and I have no static. I recently purchased some for my MIL for Christmas.

  6. I don't use any softener or dryer sheets anymore! I switched to wool dryer balls a year ago and haven't looked back, I love them!

  7. I don't use any fabric softener or dryer sheets, as I have really sensitive skin. I would love to have these to cut down on drying time and fluff up my inserts when doing diaper laundry!

  8. I use 20+ dryer sheets a week. I think I would like these because they could eliminate the harsh chemicals.

  9. I use zero dryer sheets & no softner but love that I can lessen my dryer time w these!!

  10. I use about 8-10 dryer sheets a week for my husbands and my clothes and I use fabric softener about once or twice a week for my dogs blankets. I would love these dryer balls most for my diaper and clothing loads to reduce all the static cling from my microfiber.

  11. In the winter I use fabric softener liquid or sheets with every load except for towels otherwise the static is awful. I like that the wool dryer balls are natural and speed up the drying time too.

  12. I don't use fabric softener or sheets due to the toxins and the fact that they are not good for many fabrics. Th woolzies would be great for me!

  13. I never use dryer sheets because they all contain propylene glycol which is not only nasty but I am allergic to it. I so need to get some Woolzies!

    1. Yes, my family also has very sensitive skin and develop rashes with the majority of fabric softeners. Woolzies are amazing!


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