Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bebe Blando AI2 Diaper Review

Using cloth diapers is something that I'm fond of because they are better for your baby's skin, better for the environment and better for your wallet!  In my opinion, it's beneficial to test all varieties there are out there because materials used in cloth diapers range between manufacturers.  Trying everything helps you decide what type of diaper works best for your family.  There's many businesses you can buy cloth diapers from, but I think it's also great to support WAHM products.  Today I'll be reviewing an AI2 cloth diaper from Bebe Blando!
You can check out her Facebook page and store at the links below.
The owner, Kate, sent me a large size side-snap AI2 for reviewing purposes.  Immediately, I recognized how trim this diaper was.  I really loved how colorful and unique the pattern on the fabric was as soon as I saw it. This knit fabric is made of 95% cotton and 5% lycra.  Inside the diaper, there is a beautiful, soft yellow minky dot made of 100% polyester. Minky is known to be absorbent and easy to clean. There is a hidden layer of PUL between the outer knit layer and the minky layer, making this diaper leakproof.  The soaker is included and composed of a double layer of SHOBF (super heavy organic bamboo fleece). With this diaper, it is a snap-in snake style soaker, however a petal soaker option is also available if snake style isn't your thing.   
On the package that the diaper comes in, you're instructed to dry the diaper prior to use.  I dried then washed it with my normal diaper wash, with my normal cycle (cold, warm, warm).  I hung the cover out on the line.  Unfortunately the soaker curled along the edges after the wash and became very stiff.  I dried it a few times and it shrunk slightly, but it did soften up some.  However, it remained curled in, which made it difficult to straighten it out and get placed it in the diaper correctly. 

Karebear was approximately 20 pounds when the photos were taken and this diaper fit perfectly around her legs, with a lot of room to grow into at the waist.  She is on the tightest fitting. This was the first time that I used a side snapping diaper.  It isn't much different than a front snapping diaper, really, but it does take some getting used to manuevering your hands to get it snapped, if you are used to front snaps like me.  The diaper is trim and very cute! I usually change my baby every 2-3 hours and the first time she wore this diaper, she had it soaked in two hours and forty-five minutes to be exact!  Even with the "curly" soaker, the urine held in fine.  But because of the soaker issue, I was sent another snake style soaker (fleece sides in) as a replacement and with it, Karebear went three hours and thirty minutes before the leg holes felt damp. It's refreshing to know how dedicated Kate is to customer satisfaction and to her business! 
I have found that after three or four washes that the outer knit fabric has pilled slightly, but this isn't anything that takes away from the integrity of the diaper.  It doesn't cause it to be less effective.  It's just a very minor cosmetic issue that I thought would be important to address. This is something you may expect from a variety of fabrics that are used as an outer, besides PUL.  I use this diaper at least twice a week. I love the way it looks on my baby, and happy that it will continue to grow with her until she is potty trained!
My daughter looks so cute in her diaper by Bebe Blando!  I'd give Bebe Blando a 9 out of 10!
I'm sure you'll find the entire list of products made by Bebe Blando to be quite impressive.  Take a moment to also join the Facebook group called Bebe Blando Mini Groups & BST to help vote on new fabric prints for diapers and clothing, and have the opportunity to get first dibs on them!  There are diapers, skid free booties, tanks and tees as well as underwear! It's the only place you'll find coupons too!


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