Monday, August 11, 2014

KMC Designs AI2 Diaper Review

I've been using cloth diapers with my third child and love all the benefits cloth diapers have to offer for your baby, your wallet and the environment!  My stash primarily consists of pocket diapers, prefolds and covers but I think it's important to experiment with all the varieties out there when it comes to cloth diapering your child. Materials used in cloth diapers range between manufacturers and trying out everything helps you decide what type of diaper works best for your family. I love to show support for WAHM products and I am happy to be able to share my first WAHM cloth diaper review with you today! 
KMChase Designs sent me one of the AI2 (All-In-Two) diaper designs to test out.  I loved how she personally took the time to sign the detailed invoice, add all warranty info and looking over the diaper, I immediately saw that it was constructed of high quality fabrics. The outside of the diaper is a minkee fabric in Pink Camo True Timber print.  It is very smooth like velvet.  The inside of the diaper is a soft black microfleece.  Between the outer and inner layers is PUL making the diaper leakproof.  I feel that this diaper was put together thoughtfully and professionally.  There are 5 levels of color coded snaps to adjust the waist size and 3 levels to adjust the rise of the diaper which helps the diaper go from infant size to potty training size easily.  The soaker is snake style, meaning it's long to add absorbancy in the areas you need it most.  It's made of a double layer of Bamboo terrycloth and snaps right into the diaper on the backside. 
When I put it on Karebear, I loved the way I could customize the snaps to fit her contour, making the diaper as trim as possible.  I think the fit was perfect.  The legs were snug with no gaps at all.  I usually change Karebear's diaper every 2-3 hours.  The first time she wore this diaper, she was able to get by for 3 hours, easily.  The double layered bamboo soaker has AMAZING absorbancy and when I pulled it out, the microfleece inner didn't even feel damp. 

Laundering the diaper is simple, throw it in your normal diaper wash. You can remove the insert by unsnapping the two snaps it has or just wash it attached, if you like.  I wash in cold rinse, warm wash, warm rinse with All Free & Clear due to my daughter's sensitive skin.  I felt that this diaper had materials that stood up well to baby excretions and after several washes it still looks new!  The craftsmanship is terrific!
KMChase Designs doesn't just make cloth diapers, but you can also order other items such as crib sets, diaper bags, wet bags, car seat canopies, nursing covers, blankets,mommy purses and much more! Located in California Visit KMChase Designs on Etsy-, on Facebook at, and join the BST Facebook group here-
What do I like most about this product?  I loved the materials this diaper was made with, they really are heavy-duty but soft.  Especially the insert!  I am going to be getting more of those, for sure.
Is there anything I'd change about this product?  I think it functions wonderfully, and I don't have anything I'd expect more from in an AI2. I really love this diaper! 
I'm giving the AI2 by KMChase Designs a 9 out of 10!


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