Wednesday, July 9, 2014
I'm glad you've come over to my blog and hopefully are enjoying my posts!  I thought right now would be a great time to finally give my readers a post introducing myself.
My name is Lucy, I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and have lived in Iowa all my life.  I love it here, the land is beautiful and the people are very friendly.  And let me fill you in right now that I'm a huge Hawkeyes fan!! I love my family, I also love to garden, get messy in the kitchen, do arts and crafts, be outdoors and blog, of course.
I have been blogging for a few years now, I make digital art and do tutorials using the program Gimp, sharing mostly everything on my design blog, so feel free to look over there if you'd like... Although I have settled down on designing since my baby was born in September 2014, I do plan on updating/adding things there soon!  I decided to create a separate blog to talk about all my parenthood adventures.  I am a breastfeeding advocate. I cloth diaper, and practice any crunchy way that I can.  It feels good to be natural.
I love being a mom.  It's the best job in the world.  I became a mother in 2003, a sweet baby boy.  He's my sunshine. He's going to be 12 soon but he's still my baby.  He loves outdoor stuff like fishing, camping, swimming, biking.  He also is addicted to Pokemon and Zelda right now.  I have a post on my design blog HERE about what it was like breastfeeding him when he was little.  I worked full-time and it was difficult to figure out the whole pumping thing for me as a new, young mother.  But he is a very healthy boy and I think my milk really helped him become the strong boy he is!  He became a brother in 2010, we welcomed a baby girl into our lives.  I was fortunate to be able to breastfeed her for about 3 years.  She was a booby monster.  She never would take to a bottle, she didn't like food really, she just wanted milkies.  I look back now and treasure all that time spent snuggling and developing an amazing bond with her.  I had a serious case of postpartum depression and wrote about that HERE on my design blog. She is the smartest 4 year old I know.  She loves drawing and doing any type of craft.  She's into playing dress-up right now and playing with her huge dollhouse and barbies.  She is my little ladybug.  And she became a big sister just last year.  We had another girl and she has shown me what a tough cookie can be.  She has her own ways set already at just 9 months, definitely a big personality.  I have struggled breastfeeding her and wrote a post about what all we've been thru HERE.  I'm excited because we are getting an evaluation of her sucking reflexes and oral sensations done tomorrow.  I hope it helps us figure some things out about why she refuses to latch.  I'm an exclusive pumping momma! I am on break for now on having more children, but I wouldn't mind more, but just give me a year or so and ask me again, I might change my mind LOL!
I'm very open and honest and I hope to share my experiences with my readers.  It's my goal to bring you interesting things to think and learn about.  I'm going to start posting my own recipes and share tips on projects that I do.  I hope you have fun here and if you ever have questions, feel free to email me at!



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