Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Soggy Bottom Diaper Service Review

If you're looking into using cloth diapers, a diaper service is an option you may have!  Using a diaper service is even more eco-concious, compared to those who wash at home.  Industrial washers and dryers use less water, detergent and electricity.  Using a diaper service saves time because they do all the dirty diaper laundry.  They come right to your door to deliver clean diapers and pick up the dirties on a weekly basis. Most parents would agree that is what makes a diaper service so awesome!

We're more than lucky to have Soggy Bottom Diaper Service available to those in Muscatine, Iowa City, Quad Cities and surrounding areas. The service gives you everything you need to cloth diaper, and all quality materials. When you set-up service, they bring you a diaper pail with a lid that keeps in all the odors, with two heavy-duty reusable wet bags (one full of clean prefolds, one for the diaper pail) that zip closed.

Their weekly rates are definitely affordable, with numerous options for quantity of prefolds, depending on your need. All the options are found at under the PRICING tab on the webpage. For example, 60 prefolds is only $17 a week.  The prefolds they have are highly absorbant cotton, real workhorses & great for baby's skin. Also, you get 6 waterproof wrap-style covers to rent out, which allows you to trade in to the next size as baby grows.  Other products such as diaper fasteners, swim diapers, extra covers, wetbags, etc. are available to purchase and they will be conveniently brought along with the next expected delivery.

Soggy Bottom Diapers has superb service!  The owners, Wendy and Trent, are very friendly and helpful.  During set-up, I was instructed on a new type of way to fold the prefolds and it's been the most effective fold I've used yet.  I didn't have any luck with prefolds until I tried Soggy Bottom Diaper Service, actually.  My baby had no leaks, whatsoever.  I'd say she looks real cute with that little Soggy Bottom butt!

I think using a cloth diaper service is especially valuable to new parents.  It helps you get used to using cloth, without making a full commitment.  My advice is to give it a try and find out if it's something you enjoy.  I can proudly say that cloth diapering has been very rewarding for our family thus far. My husband says he enjoys taking out less garbage, I enjoy saving money and being able to help our environment. 

If you live in the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Muscatine or surrounding areas, please stop over and LIKE Soggy Bottom Diapers Facebook page, or visit their website at!

Latched On Mom did not receive payment for the review which was given.  All opinions are my own, written by me.  I have no affiliation to the company, unless otherwise stated.


  1. This service sounds great! I cloth-diapered my munchkin for about a year, I wish I had looked into a cloth diaper service out here in Maine. It would have been so much easier!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sam & yes, it's definitely easier & convenient to utilize a cloth diaper service! I'd love to get a current state list up & available of all the diaper services soon, so if you do have one in your area, please let me know!


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