Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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After I had my second child is about the time I first looked up anything about using cloth diapers, I knew that cloth is a better choice for our environment and safer for baby's skin.  At that time, we were still living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a shared washer and dryer for 7 tenants.  We didn't have a diaper service in our area at that time, either (Although now there is! Read my review of Soggy Bottom Diaper Service HERE).  I honestly still didn't have a clue about cloth diapering, I couldn't find a way to make it work right then.  But I really wanted to use them instead of disposables.  So I found some cloth training underwear and plastic pants at a garage sale and decided that at least would be worth a try.  My daughter was 18 months and potty trained in less than a week when I started using the garage sale finds. I did have some success with cloth, afterall!

When I became pregnant with baby #3, I went on a mission to understand everything about cloth diapering!  I joined a local Facebook cloth diapering group and asked a hundred questions.  A few of the members really went out of their way helping me learn all I needed to know to get started.  Armed with this new knowledge, I decided that using prefolds and covers would be the most budget-friendly for our family. We bought about 40 prefolds and 2 covers, newborn size.  I love the simplicity of using prefolds, how they stack so neatly and are easy to organize. Plus they're cheap enough that you can cloth diaper without completely emptying your bank account.  Although I must mention that it can be difficult being frugal because there are some absolutely adorable covers in fabulous prints and colors out there...  

I am amazingly lucky to have a couple friends that generously destashed which gave me the opportunity to try a few "one-size" AI2's (All In 2's) including TrendLab, Fuzzibunz and bumGenius.  To be honest, I really prefer the bumGenius brand so far out of everything I've tried, and I set forth on finding the best deals online for them. I found The Green Nursery to offer packages at reasonable prices, with a great rewards system that gives you points per purchase that add up and used like cash when you redeem on future purchases.  And referring others can give me more points also!  Please click the link above to sign up and check out TGN products! 
5 days after I ordered, the diapers came.  They look so pretty all stacked up, and absolutely adorable on my baby girl!


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