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Ah.  The absence of menstrual bleeding is another joyful blessing added onto the long list of things to be thankful for while you're pregnant. However, one thing I thought about a lot while I was pregnant was heavy periods returning after my baby came.  I enjoyed being without my period immensely! Before my third child, I had very bad periods- heavy flow with continuous cramping that would last at least an entire week or longer. When baby comes, your body bleeds for several weeks. It's called lochia and you need to use very absorbent pads postpartum. I remembered the pads they provided for me in the hospital were very uncomfortable.  The ones I bought at the drugstore for the heaviest flow felt awkward, too.  Luckily there are cloth options available!  I was sent 4 Post Partum Flow Pads from Pink Lemonade Shop in order to help facilitate this review.

I was diagnosed with PCOS and had a friend mention to me that cloth pads were a great option to consider. It only took a few cycles of using reusable menstrual products and I noticed my cycles regulated, my bleeding became much lighter and I had a noticeably huge decrease in cramping. The benefits to using cloth are amazing! It's no more gross than disposable sanitary products. Switching over to reusable pads has been a blessing for me!
What are the benefits of postpartum cloth pads?

• No cumbersome, crinkly, plastic diaper feeling. 
• Cloth pads are soft, flex with your body and very comfortable.
• No bunching or shifting around & no adhesive sticking to your pubic hairs or sensitive skin.
• Less likely to have skin irritation.
• Less chemicals used in processing, manufacturing and being introduced to your reproductive organs.
• You reduce your waste going to landfills.
• Save money on period products.
• They're reusable and last for many years.
 • You support small businesses by buying handmade products.
• You can spray on a soothing spritz and/or freeze cloth pads for quicker healing postpartum.
Plus they're so pretty!
Which makes periods more fun. Be honest with me, have you ever looked at a disposable pad and thought it was glamorous? I didn't think so. It's kind of nice to have that pick-me-up while your uterus is on a rampage.
A Postpartum Pad from Pink Lemonade Shop has flared, round edges and is 13 inches long.  PLS has every size available to meet your needs. Pantyliners are between 6-9 inches, Light Flow Pads are 8 inches, Moderate Flow are 9 inches, Heavy Flow are 10 inches, Overnight Flow is 11 inches and the Ultimate Overnight Flow is 12 inches.

What are the pads made of?

There are several different fabrics to choose from for the top layer: minky, cotton woven, cotton velour and jersey knit are the current selections. I personally prefer both cotton blends and the jersey knit!
The windpro fleece back is a breathable, water resistant fabric that keeps your panties dry.
A super absorbent natural fiber bamboo fleece is placed in the core. I am unsure how many bamboo fleece layers there are by just feeling, but I would assume 2.
Tab style wings with snaps attach to your panties and stay well- secured. These snaps also help you wrap the pad for more discreet use while out and about.  Just roll it up and throw it in a small wetbag and you're good to go! Check out what it looks like wrapped in the image below.
How many Postpartum Pads do I need?

During the first week or any heavy days, you will want 8 pads per day minimum.  Anticipate needing to change every 2-3 hours. If you are bleeding through a pad every hour you need to see your primary medical care professional ASAP. That is called a postpartum hemorrhage.  For more information on symptoms and treatment for a postpartum hemorrhage, click HERE.
After the first 7-10 days, expect changing a little less frequently, maybe every 3-4 hours. I would recommend if you want to have a full stash, about 20 pads would get you through a couple days. But if you're unable to start out with a full stash of cloth pads (I wasn't either!), I feel it's still extremely beneficial to even do half cloth and half disposable. Eventually you'll be able to grow your stash and go through an entire period without using any disposables whatsoever!

How do I wash them?

Well first, let me share my #1 tip!  Getting pads that have darker designs on the fabric (or pinks and reds) will reduce any worries about what blood looks like.  If you're familiar with using cloth diapers, or are entertaining the thought of them, it's basically the same routine. Every 2-3 days you wash. If you have a small bathroom, you can put used pads in a hanging wetbag to save space. I have a small plastic garbage can that I throw them in after using, then right before I plan to wash, I soak in cold water for an hour or so. I dump the water into the toilet, and just dump the remainder of what's in the can into the washing machine. I wash with a normal warm wash. You can throw your pads in with cloth diapers or really any laundry you're doing. They wash excellently, I have never had staining or stink.
 Drying is simple, too. Toss them in the dryer or line dry. The sun does a wonderful job at brightening fabrics and making them smell super fresh!  The only precautions are to avoid bleach, the use of fabric softeners/dryer sheets and refrain from ironing.
All Cloth Pads, including the postpartum pads from Pink Lemonade Shop are designed to last many years. Pink Lemonade Shop says, "1 Pink Lemonade Shop Cloth Pad replaces at least 100 disposable pads." I've had a couple that have been through almost 4 years so far and still look as though they are in perfect condition. No time is too late to try out cloth pads.  They work great for incontinence too!!
As a plus size woman, I do prefer longer length pads for fuller coverage.  I fully tested out 3 of the 4 of these pads during 3 cycles on my heaviest day (day 2).  I used the purple cotton velour, oriental design cotton woven and the flowery minky. The cotton velour seemed to be the most absorbent. I feel like the touch of the cotton woven is super nice in my hands and enjoyed photographing it the most, but the minky is the most comfortable in my panties. The Post Partum Flow Pad fits great!  I think this size would fit well for most, unless you have a very small frame, you may want to go down a size or 2.  I tested these pads out extensively, that way I could share my full opinion!  While I know my heaviest day is not 100% comparable to postpartum bleeding, I feel like these pads would hold up reasonably well!  I do recommend to check out Pink Lemonade Shop and give them a try!

What is my favorite thing about Pink Lemonade Shop Post Partum Flow Pads?
I completely understand there isn't a one size fits all for everyone. That's why my favorite thing is the variety in fabric choices and sizes.  There is definitely something right for you!
Is there anything I'd change?
I do feel like adding another layer or two to the core may be more beneficial for the postpartum pads, especially.  
I give PLS a 9.5/10!

Go check out the Pink Lemonade Shop website and save 15% off your first order of $15 or more with the promo code NEWTOCLOTH.  Holiday prints are currently 30% off, so you can save a ton!
Be sure to LIKE Pink Lemonade Shop on Facebook & FOLLOW on Twitter!

Have you tried cloth menstrual pads already?  What size and fabric choice do you prefer?  If you haven't tried them yet, which product looks the most appealing to you?  Leave a comment below!

All opinions are my own, written by me. This post may contain affiliate links. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. If you have any questions or have a product you'd like featured, please email


  1. I love my PLS pads! For my normal cycle, I like the 8 or 9 inch pads, in minky or cotton velour.

  2. These look awesome! I didnt know anything like this even existed.

  3. I have tried cloth pads! I like the 9 inch and love minky!

  4. Thank you so much for your review. I think I will definitely try the postpartum pads with my next birth. I hate the feeling of the plastic diaper feel.

  5. I have tried minky fabric and cotton velour in 6 inch and 7.5 inch. I find the velour very similar to the minky. The velour does stain a little but it is a solid dark purple so it doesn't show much. I am hoping to try an 8 or 9 inch and possibly a cotton top material since the prints are irresistible.


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