Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Thanksgiving can be a hectic time.  You may be needing to shop, cook, clean, prepare for guests, or travel for a family gathering. It can be difficult to remember to nurse baby or pump when you're crammed with all these additional duties.  However, baby needs to fill their tummy too!   Here are 5 Tips for Breastfeeding Moms on Thanksgiving.

1. Be accessible! 
Aim for your weekly wardrobe during holidays to be as breastfeeding-friendly as possible.  Start with a comfortable, yet supportive nursing bra. I have several on my Amazon list, just click the image below to browse through!
Amazon Breastfeeding

If you don't have any clothing specifically made for nursing moms, my suggestion is to layer up and utilize the top up tank down breastfeeding method.  Check out my YouTube video where my friend Addie helps demonstrate how easy this breastfeeding hack is!

2. Keep baby close!  
Babywearing promotes bonding- gives baby that necessary closeness during the fourth trimester and beyond PLUS helps mom read baby's cues and make more milk! Also, if you feel a little uncomfortable nursing baby around others, a baby carrier like a Ring Sling can help you nurse more discreetly. Head over to Comfy Joey right now because there is a HUGE sale happening! Made in the USA linen ring slings- for only $30!
Breastfeeding Ring Sling

 3. This Little Turkey is Stuffed on Mama's Milk!
Family may expect to hold and pass baby around which can become overwhelming for them and you.  The best tip is to make sure you have moments during this time where you and babe can relax and remember to nurse and/or pump often! Save and share the photo below to let family know all baby needs is mama's milk! THANK YOU FOR BREASTFEEDING!  You've got this!
It is possible that well-intentioned family members may think of this time as an opportunity to give baby a taste of their first foods, perhaps when baby is not ready.  How do you know if your baby is ready for solids?  Look at this post from Peaceful Parenting about Baby Led Weaning! 

4.  Be careful what you eat!
Herbs traditionally used in Thanksgiving recipes like sage, oregano, parsley, thyme, lemon balm are a few ingredients in turkey seasoning and stuffing/dressing. Peppermint and spearmint may be used in salads and desserts. These herbs have all been found to decrease breastmilk supply. Sure, a little might not hurt much but generally speaking, it's recommended to avoid these herbs while breastfeeding.
References: LactMed & Kellymom

5. Enjoy this holiday together! 
Even if it is chaotic, even if you feel awkward, this is a special family memory you're making.  Time really flies so take a bunch of photos and get in them! Don't always be the one taking them... Someday you or your child may want to look back and remember or talk about the time you spent together.  I'm so grateful my mom always insists on everyone in attendance (like 20 of us) lining up to get at least one picture.  This year, for once, I'm actually going to get just my husband, me and our 4 kiddos together for a photo.  It's been several years since we've done so. Will update with that soon!

Tell me in the comments below if you have any tips to help other parents get through Thanksgiving- or any holiday!

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