Sunday, December 10, 2017
Fitted style cloth diapers have been my go-to with my youngest, they're preferred because she is very prone to rashes and they are the most breathable system, as there is no PUL or TPU (waterproof polyurethane plastic layers).  Fitteds are perfect while we're at home and my favorite for outdoors with warm weather.  On my search for the best fitted out there, I was recommended to try the Cloth-eez Organic Workhorse Fitted by Green Mountain Diapers (GMD). GMD was very generous and sent me a few of their products in exchange for a thorough review of how the Cloth-eez Workhorse Organic Fitted system works and all the options you have with it!  I'm excited to share my entire experience using GMD Workhorse Organic Fitteds but let me just go ahead and tell you right now that these fitteds are AMAZING and if I could go back and start all over with my cloth diapering journey, I would definitely choose to try these first!
The Cloth-eez Workhorse Fitted in Organic Cotton is made of 100% cotton. All of the cotton Cloth-eez items (both organic and conventionally grown)  meet the Standard 100 confidence in textiles OKEO-TEX, which means they have been tested and proven to not have harmful substances in them.  They are made in Pakistan. Organic cotton is a natural soft fiber, grown without toxic chemicals, better for the environment and easier on your skin. Cotton absorbs quickly and washes well, meaning less stink and stains! You can get the Workhorse Fitted in white/chlorine-free bleached cotton and in organic cotton.  Both styles are available without a closure & use Snappi Fasteners (like photo above) OR there is a version with snaps if you prefer!  The Workhorse Fitted Diapers are exclusive to Green Mountain Diapers. These fitteds are constructed similarly to the prefold diapers; essentially it is a prefold that has the entire diaper shape to make diapering easier.
I am only reviewing the Large & X-Large since my daughter is over 21 pounds.  The edges are serged and color coded per size. The sizes are as follows:
Newborn (ORANGE)- Birth to 12 pounds
Small (YELLOW)- 9 to 14 pounds
Medium (RED)- 14 to 24 pounds
Large (BROWN)- 21 to 30 pounds
X-Large (GREEN)- 26 to 38 pounds
The top back of the diaper has a blind elastic hidden between the layers to keep messes from climbing up the back, as well as leg gussets.  There is a sewn-in flap style doubler with 8 layers of organic cotton twill.  The body of the diaper also has 8 layers, making a total of 16 absorbent layers!  Workhorse Diapers are super affordable, retail value is just over 10-15 dollars between all sizes. Often there are sales, dropping prices considerably, making this probably the cheapest fitted cloth diapering system out there!
I find that the "no closure" version gives me a more adequate fit because I can customize exactly where it secures, leaving less gaping & preventing leaks!  The wings are slightly longer, so this could be a reason why I prefer the fit on the "no closure" version.

The Large Workhorse Organic Fitted has 2 snaps on each wing, plus one crossover snap to overlap the wings for a tighter, more secure fit. There is only one row of 8 snaps on the waist. The snaps are very durable. They are exceptionally constructed, I would say they'd last through 3 babies easily, if not more!
The elastic in the legs is considered what most call a "blind elastic" meaning it was tacked into place on one end then sewn along and through the elastic and tacked in at other end. This does create a slight ruffle, but still contours baby's shape sufficiently.
Workhorse Fitted Diapers are not as bulky as you'd imagine- being that it has 16 layers!  I find them trim and perfect for wearing any time.  If you need to add more absorbency, you can add in another doubler under or above the sewn-in flap style doubler and it still is not terribly bulky.  As I shared earlier, fitteds are our go-to around the house. You do need to place some sort of cover over them to ensure they do not leak through, especially when out and about.
The X-Large is what we use for overnight, we add in the Stay-Dry Night Doubler and a Hemp Doubler and cover with the Cloth-eez Wrap.
You do need to prep these diapers with a minimum of 3 washes, but I feel it really took about 6 to get them to the place where they were ready to hold up to baby's output.
If you don't have a heavy wetter, you can most likely get by without a doubler, or you can choose to use the 8 layer Large Organic Cotton Doubler- which is the same twill cotton organic fabric you get in the Workhorse Organic Fitted or the Organic Prefolds.  This would give 24 layers of absorbency!
The Hemp Doubler is made of 3 layers of 55% hemp & 45% organically grown cotton. It is a thick and fleecy material, long and extra thirsty!  They do not get thicker or fluffier like the cotton does after many washes, they stay more flat.
The Hemp Doublers and Stay-Dry Night Doublers are cut and assembled in the USA.
The Stay-Dry Night Doubler is pretty much the same as the Hemp Doubler, but larger in width & contoured, plus topped with Maiden Mills 200 Weight Polar Fleece.  The website says, "Polar fleece allows the moisture to go through but maintains a dry feeling next to baby’s bottom, since fleece is hydrophobic (afraid of water). With quality polar fleece the argument that only disposables keep baby’s bottom feeling dry is simply not true. This washable synthetic really does keep baby’s bottom dry."  I'd have to agree.  We've had issues with my daughter waking because of feeling wet and this absolutely does the trick!  She sleeps more comfortably and so do I.  This has been my favorite component of this system and I'd recommend that if you plan to use Workhorse Fitted Cloth Diapers for overnight cloth diapering, you also purchase a Stay-Dry Night Doubler!  Just place the blue seamed edge up against baby and you're all set for a dry night!
The Cloth-eez Wrap Diaper Covers were previously called Newborn, Small, Medium & Large.  These are made with a single TPU, not PUL.  There are 2 rows of waist snaps and 2 rows of 2 rise snaps, making it very adjustable.  Each wing has two snaps.
The Cloth-eez Wrap is shaped well and has the softest trim!  The elastic is encased within the trim in the back and legs, plus there are double leg gussets, which are a lifesaver in keeping leaks and poo from traveling out of the diaper.
There is a flap across the belly and back of the Cloth-eez Wrap that helps a ton too, messes are more likely to be contained in between the layers.  This is great for keeping prefolds or doublers to stay in place when laid in, too.
We use the Size 3 AKA Large for overnight, and the Size 2 AKA Medium when leaving the house during the day.  You can reuse the cover over and over since it doesn't soak up anything, and rarely will even feel damp.  I usually switch/rotate between 2 throughout the day.  Just let it air dry between changes and easy to just wipe it down if there's a little spot of mess in it.  You do not need to prep these, all you do is wash and hang to dry then put on baby to wear.  Another option is wool, and you can purchase several options at GMD, as well.
What's my favorite thing about Green Mountain Diapers Cloth-eez Workhorse Organic Fitted?
The natural fibers are so soft and absorbent, plus these fitteds are the most economical I've ever seen available!
Is there anything I'd change?
No way!  They are perfect!
I give the Workhorse Organic Fitted Cloth Diaper a 10/10!
You can buy all these diapers at the Green Mountain Diapers website. Some Green Mountain Diapers products can be found on Amazon (affiliate link).
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Have you tried a Workhorse Fitted Cloth Diaper?  Which style do you think you would like the best?


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