Sunday, December 17, 2017
Evenflo invited me to review the Sibby Travel System and I am excited to share my experience regarding this product. Everything you read here- as always- is purely my own thoughts and ideas, uninfluenced & 100% honest. For more information, please see my full disclosure.

I have 4 kids and am a very busy mom.  My two youngest girls are 18 months and 4 years old.  I have 2 strollers that we have been using for trips.  They take a lot of room in my vehicle and both of the strollers need 2 hands to fold/unfold.  It's such a hassle!  When I first found out about the Sibby Travel System, I was instantly captivated by it because it had the answers to both of these issues.  A unique Ride-Along Board allows 2 children to use just one stroller.  This fact alone had me eager to get my hands on the Sibby!  
But that's not all... there is just a hinge side frame lock that all you have to do is pull to release then pull the parent handles to get the stroller to open. SUPER QUICK & EASY!  Within the seating area of the stroller, there is an In-Seat Fold Strap tucked in a pocket in the back.  To fold this stroller, all you need to do is pull up on that with one hand! 
The Sibby Travel System comes in 4 shades. Mineral Grey, Charcoal, Raspberry and Slate Blue.  This is a VERY AFFORDABLE Travel System, with a car seat that quickly and safely connects from car to stroller.  This system has been thoroughly tested through rigorous government standards to ensure maximum safety.
What is included?
• LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat with Car Seat Base & Stroller
• 90 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty
• Accessories: Ride-Along Board, Parent Cup Holder, Infant Head Support Pillow
Minimum Car Seat Weight: 4 pounds
Maximum Car Seat Weight: 35 pounds
The car seat is REAR-FACING ONLY and will carry a child 4 - 35 pounds (1.8 - 15.8 kg) with height of 17 - 32 inches (43–81 cm). The top of the child's head must be at least 1 inch below the top of the child restraint seat back.
Stroller Weight Up to 50 pounds: newborn to 5 years of age
What about installation?
It literally took my husband 5 minutes to put it together.  You open it into position, attach the wheels and bumper bar and you're ready to go!  The manual is very clear and concise so you know exactly what to do and that it's done right.  Same goes for the car seat... It snaps into the base and is ready to install.  I will be adding more photos of the car seat on Instagram, so be sure to FOLLOW ME so you don't miss anything!  The base is adjustable with a level added in so you know the angle of the installation is perfect.  
The stroller is only 13 pounds and the car seat w/base is just under 15 pounds, making this entire system one of the most lightweight ever!
 The Sibby has a 5-point harness for maximum safety while in the stroller seat, with the option to change to a 3-point harness.  The straps are adjusted simply to customize the proper restraint. There are matching shoulder harness covers to protect baby's shoulders and neck.  A fully removable bumper bar is there to help keep items from bumping into baby, and has a sheath made from a soft material- similar to neoprene.  Also, the footrest can move into 3 different positions so your babe is always very comfortable.
The carriage of the stroller reclines back into a flat position for sleepy babes and there is a mesh window to see how baby is doing.
To get the wheels to lock, push the rear brake levers down with your toes and to release, lift up with your toes.
My favorite feature of this system is the Ride-Along Board.  A child up to 50 lbs can use it. It clips onto the rear leg tubing with an audible click. To tuck it away when not in use, fold it up towards the large storage basket and fasten the clip. To remove, you just slide the buttons back and pull off. 
My 4 year old LOVES being able to ride with her little sister.  She prefers when the umbrella is not put up so she can have a more clear line of vision while strolling about. It is very important that when your child is on the Ride-Along Board that you keep both hands on the handles.  I also love how easy the material is to spot-clean with the messes my girls make, but it is removable and machine washable, too!

The Sibby Travel System makes a great gift for the holidays!
What's my favorite thing about the Sibby Travel System?
It's compact, lightweight, incredibly easy to fold, carries two children and is priced reasonably.  My family loves it!!
Is there anything I'd change about this product?  
I feel like the Ride-Along Board is a little small.  My daughter has big feet and she had to keep them close together, which makes it a little harder for her to retain a proper balance.  This imbalance would sometimes cause a posterior pelvic tilt, so if I could change anything, I'd make the Ride-Along Board bigger.
I give the Sibby Travel System a 9.5/10!
You can purchase the Sibby Travel System on the Evenflo website, on Amazon or you may find it available at some retail stores.
Also, be sure to LIKE Evenflo Baby on Facebook & FOLLOW on Instagram to keep up to date with new products and promotions!
What do you think about the Sibby Travel System?  What is your favorite feature?   Leave a comment below! 
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  1. What an awesome system! I wish I had this for my boys! The board is a must-have with a baby and older child!

  2. This would make a perfect gift for my SIL who has a toddler that could ride along with his newborn sibling!


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