Monday, February 13, 2017
Keeping baby safe is a top priority to parents and with all the lurking dangers around the house, it's important to have safety products.
There are so many baby-proofing products available that look like they may be a good buy.  Over the years, and through 4 children, I have found 5 of my favorite home safety baby products. I love sharing about the things I like and use with you, please leave a comment about these products or ones you think are a must-have in your home!

1. Adjustable Gate
This was the gate we chose to purchase back in 2010.  You can use between rooms or wide openings/doorways. Also, it is great to create a safe play section of a room. If you buy two and connect them, it creates a freestanding playard. This gate adjusts to your space and is easy to install and use!  It's been my favorite so far and has lasted a long time.  You can purchase this gate on Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate on Amazon (affiliate link) or you might find it at Babies R Us, because that's where we bought ours!
2.  TV and Furniture Straps
If your TV is setting on an entertainment center or on a dresser or on a TV stand, it can pose a threat to your little ones. Children are seriously injured and sometimes even killed by TV's or furniture that's tipped over. has the statistics and some great tips to decrease your risk of these accidents HERE. You can buy the Safe House TV & Furniture Anti-Tip Straps on Amazon (affiliate link). I highly suggest if you look into just one of these products, that this is the one!  There are many options available!
3.  Outlet Covers
Outlet covers were the very first baby-proofing product that I bought.  It may be the first thing on your mind too. I like the Safety 1st Secure Press Plug Protectors (affiliate link) because they have a pop-out tab to remove easier AND they clip onto the vacuum cord while cleaning, so you don't misplace them!
4.  Cabinet Locks
If you need to store cleaning materials or other things that aren't baby friendly, cabinet locks are very handy.  We use the kind you push your finger down into and it releases the lever to unlatch... which isn't very comfy on my fingers. I recently came across the Safety 1st Magnetic Cabinet Lock (affiliate link) and I wouldn't mind replacing all my cabinet locks with something like this! However, there are some hacks that you can use without spending a dime (check out THIS PIN or THIS PIN).
5.  Table Corner Protectors
My oldest daughter could find any hard surface and bump into it.  We had a trip to the Emergency Room once because it turned bright plum in seconds.  Mishaps like this possibly could have been prevented if we had invested in table edge protectors, like the Zebrum Child Proof Table Corner Protectors (affiliate link).  I like these because they are adhesive free and you can use TWO together to create a top and bottom bumper effect for maximum protection. Also, they're brightly colored so you can rest assured with a quick glance that they're still there doing their job, too!

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  1. A mount for the TV and furniture straps were one of the first things we did after Tee was born!

    1. Yes, this is such an important safety issue. Glad you thought to look into it immediately. We decided to mount the television as well, then fasten the dresser it's on down to prevent it from tipping.

  2. Yes! We've tried a few different styles of outlet covers and my kids can get most of them off! I found one hat has two boxes that slide together over the outlet but what a pain! Looking forward to when they are no longer interested in sticking their fingers in...

    1. Luckily fingers close to the socket shouldn't cause injuries because the electricity is further in. But it's still something we all worry about! It's nice that there are so many different options of outlet covers, something for everyone!

  3. Our TV is secured and so is all our furniture. We have locks on cabinets and use baby gates where necessary. I can't watch my kids all the time, so baby-proofing makes the home a little safer!


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