Tuesday, October 4, 2016
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If you haven't looked into using cloth diapers yet, what's holding you back?  Cloth diapers are a great way to save money, conserve environmental resources and keep baby's skin healthy.  There is a perfect cloth diaper system out there for everyone, but I understand that sometimes it is hard finding what works for you. The Bummis All-In-One (AIO) diaper has incorporated several awesome features to give you one amazing, easy to use and easy to wash cloth diaper!  I bet you want to know more about why this AIO diaper is so special, don't you? 
I was sent a Bummis All-In-One in Fairy Tale print in exchange for review.  I am familiar with AIO's but have never reached for them first because the majority are difficult to wash, the drying is soooo lengthy and you're usually unable to customize absorbency.  However, AIO diapers are typically the EASIEST when it comes to changing because it's all in one step, everything is there and ready to go on the bum.  No need to sort through inserts or stuff them or lay them in, an AIO cloth diaper system is simple for anyone to use!
The Bummis All-In-One features:
•  A super absorbent dimpled organic cotton 2 layer core
•  A wide front pocket 
•  An attached tongue style soaker that lets you choose to stuff in the pocket or lay over for stay-dry effect
•  Is one-size, meaning it should fit most babies 8-35 lbs
One-size diapers are more convenient and economical, covering from birth to potty trained.
• It has a waterproof polyurethane layer (PUL) to keep wetness from contacting clothing
•  On the Bummis All-In-One, there are two columns of rise snaps that allow you to adjust the diaper as baby grows.  
These rise snaps provide 4 settings of length- small, medium, large and extra large as shown in image below.  The snaps on Bummis are high quality snaps that are built to last. 
• There are a total of 10 waist snaps to assist in customizing the diaper fit, and in doubles to keep it extra secure
•  Trim/least bulkiest AIO I've tried
•  Super soft poly edge trim to wick moisture back in
I have never seen this edge trim on any other diaper and LOVE this feature because it's delicate on baby's skin!
•  Elastic at back and legs
•  Inner gusset naturally sets after a few washes, keeping messes & leaks in
•  Made in Canada with fabrics sourced from Canada and USA
•  Free of lead, phthalates and BPA
•  Easy to wash and dry
I suggest to pull out the tongue if you stuffed it, then throw it in with your cloth diaper wash routine as usual.  Hang to dry by flipping diaper inside out through the pocket.  It dries so fast, the other AIO's I've tried took more than a day, but the Bummis All-In-One is dry in half the time.
Here are some photos of it in action!  My youngest is 3 months old and approximately 13 lbs in these photos.
I suggest to prep these diapers with at least 2-3 washes before use.  After it was prepped, the first time on the bum there was a poopsplosion that did not leak out whatsoever.  Never fails, you put a new diaper on and that's what happens! The sun took out the exclusively breastfed stains without complication and the next wear we made it 4 hours while out shopping for her big sister's 3rd birthday presents.  Again, no leaks!  The third time, I stuffed with 2 hemp boosters, attempting an overnight challenge, but we woke up a couple hours earlier than usual and changed it.  She is a very heavy wetter, but it went 8 hours!  I may give the overnight challenge another go, but with a handmade zorb insert combo. Overall, I think this diaper is perfect for normal time expenditure between changes, it  has great absorbency, really can handle quite a lot.
Check out my YouTube video for a close-up encounter of the Bummis All In One!
There are currently 5 prints and 5 solid colors available for the Bummis All-In-One, you can purchase Bummis products on Amazon, at The Green Nursery or find another retailer at Bummis.com.
What's my favorite thing about the Bummis All-In-One?  That it's easy to wash and dry, that's always been the biggest hurdle with AIO's but this diaper makes it a breeze!
Is there anything I'd change about this product?  No, I think it works splendidly and I'd recommend it to anyone!
I give the Bummis All-In-One a 10/10!
Have you tried the Bummis All-In-One yet? What's your favorite feature?
Have you tried another AIO?  Leave me a comment about your experience with AIO's!  
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