Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Do you love decorating for fall?  Do you also love showing off your breastfeeding advocacy?  I think I have found the most unique breastfeeding themed pumpkins out there!  Have you seen these photos online?  Here are 5 Super Creative Breastfeeding Themed Pumpkin Ideas!
The photo above of pumpkin mamas nursing was shared on the Crunchy Moms of DeKalb Facebook page.  The photo below of a breastfeeding newborn squash was shared on The Leaky Boob's Facebook page.
Love this Badass Breastfeeder jack-o-lantern by The Badass Breastfeeder shown below!
The photo below is so cute, and was made into a meme! Shared by Peaceful Parenting.
And the last one reminded me of what it was like being an exclusively pumping mama, every drop counts!  Earth Mama Angel Baby shared this on their Facebook page!

Do you have an idea in mind of how to decorate your pumpkin this year?  There's going to be a contest coming soon, if you plan on making your pumpkin a parenting theme... stay tuned!  The winner's photo will be added to this list!
Have something super creative you think should be added to my list?  Drop me a note about it below!  


  1. Oh my pumpkins! I love this so much! This seriously made my day! Maybe it takes something like pumpkins to reduce the stigma of nursing in public?

  2. I just laughed SO hard! hahaha this is amazing! I absolutely love it! Go you!


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