Monday, November 2, 2015
I'm twelve weeks pregnant!  Yay!  I am also a planner...  I want to know what I need to buy as early as possible.  With two girls under 5, I will admit that shopping for boys things would be a ton of fun and a nice change of scenery. I posted about the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart on Facebook and people really had mixed reactions! For me, that chart is completely accurate, but I've been looking at all the other gender prediction tests available out there and came across the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test!  I thought we should give it a test too!
The kit comes in a small box (shown in photo above) and there's only two parts to it. When you open the box, there's a plastic container that is actually the test portion and a syringe to collect and dispense urine into the container/test portion.  There is also paper instructions included, but it's really quick and easy to use. 
There are 6 steps.  First, you'll want to remove the sticker over the top blocking the valve on the container and throw it away.  Collect your first morning's urine in a clean cup then use the syringe to suck up 20 ml of urine (entire syringe full).  Next, insert the tip of the syringe into the valve of the top of the container and dispense the urine.  Swirl for 10 seconds and then set the container on a flat surface.  Wait EXACTLY 5 minutes...
After the 5 minutes is over, don't pick up the container, just bend down and use your naked eye to determine which shade it appears to look most like.  If it looks more like the green on the left, it's a boy.  If it looks more like the orange on the right, it's a girl.  Here's my results!  Looks green, right?  Well that Chinese chart says I'm having a boy too!  So I'll update in a few weeks after the ultrasound and let you know for sure!  Meanwhile, I'm collecting stats from others who've used IntelliGender- just fill out THIS SURVEY to help!
A couple things to consider when doing this test.  Make sure the room you're setting it up in is well lit, with natural light.  Don't add light to read it- meaning don't hold it up to the window or a lamp or use your flash on your camera.  None of that.  Just normal light. If you see one color first, it's what your naked eye picked up immediately and most likely is the correct impression.  Also, there are a few ways the accuracy of the test can be hindered.  If you have PCOS or are on progesterone the results may lean towards a boy.  If you have unprotected sex anytime before 48 hours prior to the test,  this can also alter the results.  You can read more about this and other frequently asked questions HERE
The IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test can be found at several drug stores, but you can also order it on the IntelliGender site or on Amazon.
What's my favorite thing about this product?  I'm all for taking out the guesswork... I think I'm going to go get a really cute boyish print cloth diaper now LOL!
Is there anything I'd change about this product?  I thought it was simple and quick and I'm super anxious to know if it was accurate (will update)!  Regardless of the results, it still is fun to do!
I give IntelliGender a 10/10!

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