Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I know this post is titled 10 Unique Ways to Announce You're Pregnant but first, let's discuss a common question moms ask, "When is it ok to tell everyone I'm pregnant?"  The answer to this is it's really your choice!  The timing may depend on your position, status, fear of what others may think and perhaps your level of enthusiasm.  You may notice it's more generally acceptable for moms to announce around the time that they move from the first trimester to the second trimester- around week 12. According to the American Pregnancy Association, most miscarriages occur during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. So it's reasonable to feel safe to spill the beans after this risk period has passed by.  However, it is perfectly fine to share your news whenever you want! Having the support and love surrounding this life can also be comforting to have in case you happen to suffer from a loss.  
I made a quick survey and posted it to my Facebook page to poll moms about when, why and how they went public.  I was happy to see the results were all across the board!  This shows it's ok to announce you're pregnant any time you choose! Check them out below!
I have to share a couple of the reasons why people decided to share their pregnancy when they did (from the survey I conducted) that really pulled my heartstrings- they are beautiful.  I completely believe we need to band together and work on removing the stigma that grief should be dealt with all alone.  Thank you everyone who was involved in this and let's remember to be there for each other no matter what!

"I know many people wait to tell because of the fear of miscarriage and having to "back track" with their news... but I would rather celebrate life, no matter how short it is...I would rather have people know about it so that I can be supported emotionally."

"I see no reason to wait, whether baby makes it through pregnancy or ends in a loss, they deserve to be known."

"I suffered from infertility and was through the roof excited! Couldn't contain it!"

When I was pregnant with my oldest, I just told everyone by a phone call or in person.  Since then I've come across many fun, creative ways to share that you're pregnant and here are some of the best pregnancy announcement ideas ever!

1.  Mommy & Daddy sitting in the tree... you know the rest of the story.
This is what I used to share we were expecting my second!

2. We're Prego!
Super easy- grab a jar and share the news- we did this with baby #3!

3.  There's a Bun in the Oven!
This idea was submitted by Facebook fan Jamie!  This is a fun twist on what you'd expect to see!

4.  Someone is Going to be a Big Brother/Sister!
I think this is so adorable- take a pic of the big bro/sis learning about becoming the older sibling.  The first pic was submitted by Facebook fan Victoria! 
This idea can be as unique as you want it to.  The one below is another really fun idea from I Am Sarah Smile.

5. What's new?
I love this "New Genes" announcement!
Oh and you're going to need some new shoes- from The-Pregnancy.Net

6.  Top Hit Song!
Ice Ice Baby (image from HERE)?  Or any song with the word BABY in the title is super cute.

7.  Ultrasound Pic
Just add in a kiss or a hug in the background and everyone will say, "AWWWWW!".  Love this photo from Sarah Siler Photography.

8.  Get Your Game On!
If you have Scrabble pieces, are into baseball or golf or are a video game enthusiast you will win at this announcement idea!

9.  Holiday Themed
If you are announcing  or if you're expecting during a month with a popular holiday, you can take advantage of this.  Think Christmas gifts, Shamrocker, Firecracker, Little Pumpkin... I'm announcing baby #4 with the photo below!

10.  Make Room for Fido!
If you have a pet that you love (we have 3 furbabies here!) you can incorporate them and have one of the most unique pregnancy announcements E-V-E-R.  Here's a couple pins for inspiration! 

How did you announce your pregnancy?


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