Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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When it comes to potty training, each and every kid brings a whole new experience.  I have three kids and I will tell you it's been very different with each one.  My middle was a super quick learner, getting it down the first week we introduced training pants.  The oldest got the hang of it once he started 3 year old preschool and my youngest, well she just turned two and still isn't showing any interest in using the potty.   However, she LOVES "big girl" pants and I think if we keep to using them, here soon she will be the potty master!
Yes, there are disposable trainers out there, but they cost a lot ($75-$100 a month per child), and they contain feces and urine- toxic trash- getting thrown out into our landfills! If you're eco-conscious that just doesn't set well.  So you have to find a trainer with materials that keep messes from getting all over the place as well as help your child notice they're wet/dirty. Enter Super Undies!  These training pants are meant to actually help your child associate the wet/dirty feeling with the act of it, which should help them learn to start using the toilet.  Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants are single use pull-on trainers that are waterproof with built-in plus an option for add-in absorbency. 
The outside of this trainer is made of a soft, smooth spandex that is strong and stretchy along the sides to help get the pull-on up and down as well as a bright, centered section of PUL- polyurethane laminate- a waterproof barrier which keeps the diaper from leaking. 
You can also get a Super Soaker Step-Up Insert to put into the pocket sleeve of the Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants.  This insert is made of two layers of microfiber and the top is covered with the wicking mesh to pull in liquid but also give your child that sensation of being damp.  I love that this is removable, which helps customize the absorbency and makes drying time much faster!
The inside of the pull-on trainer also is lined throughout the middle section of it with this wicking mesh material.  As you can see, the pocket sleeve is stuffed with the insert.  Above is a picture of the front and below is a picture of the back of the INSIDE of the diaper.

We were sent a Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants in exchange for a review in the lavender shade called "Purple Pixie," but there are 4 other colors available including: "Aquanaut," which is blue, "Fearsome Frog," which is green, "Cupcake Queen," which is pink and "Spaceman Pete," which is orange.
The Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants come in 5 different sizes, Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.  The site says the Small is for 2 years, Medium is for 3 years, Large is for 4-6 years, XL is for 6-9 and XXL is for 9-12 years.  See the chart from the site below.
My daughter's waist is 23", her rise was almost 17" and her legs were about 14".  I decided to try the large, even though she had not yet even turned 2.  When the Super Undies came, I knew right off the large was too big.  Luckily, if you run into this problem they offer exchanges for unwashed and unworn products!  My advice is to order a size down from what the measurements say, these do run big.  Here are some photos of Karebear in the large Super Undies Pull-on Training Pants.
And below are some pictures of her in the medium size, which fits much better.
 Besides the Pull-on Potty Training Pants and Super Soaker Step-up Inserts, there are Snap-on Potty Training Pants, Hybrid Undies Potty Training Pants, Bedwetting Pants, Hybrid Inserts and Soaker Pods for boys- all found on the Super Undies website or on Amazon. They also have a Waterproof Mattress Shield as well as an Absorbent & Waterproof Mattress Topper for extra night time protection.  As an affiliate of The Green Nursery, I can't neglect to mention that Super Undies products can be found there! If you have a need for something like Super Undies in a larger size, be sure to check out what they have available for adults called Threaded Armor. 
Super Undies recommends laundering soiled products every other day. They suggest to wash all Super Undies products in a garment bag to prevent seams from damage in the washing machine, as well as hanging to dry.  You can wash them with your other soiled cloth diapers in a cloth diaper safe detergent.  I admit, there's been a couple times they've been put in the dryer at low heat with my wool dryer balls and it's just fine, but any chance to dry outside on the line they do!
Overall, I have to say that this product is something I've found to be superior to the other pull-on training pants I've tried.  They're much better with leak protection, absorbency and the colors are very cool!  I really like Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants!
What's my favorite thing about this product?  It's really easy to pull up and down, and it's actually really absorbent (lasted 3 hours easy)!
Is there anything I'd change about this product?  The sizing guide is tricky!  It's hard to know for sure what size to get if you have a chunky one, especially. If it's too big, it will gape at the legs, increasing the chance of leakage, so finding the right size is very important.  If you have the opportunity to talk to others who have Super Undies with babes built like yours first before ordering, that might help. 
I give Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants a 9/10!
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One reader will win a Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants in their choice of color AND one Super Soaker Step-Up insert with a combined value of $22.95!  The winner will be emailed, announced here in the giveaway widget once closed and I'll put a shout out to the winner on my Facebook page so make sure to sign in with the email address you check most often!  You will only have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.
To enter, just fill out the giveaway form below. Must be 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Giveaway will run from 9/22/15-10/7/15. Open to US only. GOOD LUCK!!!
Super Undies Pull-on Training Pants and Super Soaker Insert
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  1. We are just starting potty training (wish us luck)! I'd love the purple!!

  2. We are day trained but still need help for trips and nights. We would love an Aquanaut! :)

  3. These sound so fantastic!! We are just starting to potty train my son and this would be such a perfect thing to have!! Id hate to puchase pullups due to expense and just filling up landfills :P

  4. We did part time EC, so he really has been ready to potty train for awhile, but actively training for about a month. We had a potty mishap a few weeks ago and he now refuses to use the easily accessible small potty and prefers the toilet, which is further away so he doesn't always make it. Need some trainers until he gets better bladder control. These would be awesome.

    1. And we would adore fearsome frog. Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. We started potty training about a year and a half ago - two months before she turned two. She was quick to get number one under control, number two took a while, and we are STILL struggling with night time training. I know it is a totally different situation from daytime potty training, but I think a product like this would help more than pull ups that don't let her feel the moisture.

  6. The potty training pants we've tried before are pull ups at night and Gerber "training pants" during the day when she first started potty training.

  7. I have only tried Kushies training pants, during the day. I used them with my first and occasionally now with my second.He is improving in the potty training...��
    Kari Barone

  8. So I am still struggling with night potty training (and day accidents) with my 4.5(!) year old boy- he's sometimes too busy to stop playing and go potty so he'll have accidents. I'd love to try these for nighttime for him, or else use them on my other son when he's older.

  9. I have been trying to potty train my oldest for 2.5 years! He loves the color red, and I think these undies would help with night time wetness. we haven't tried any storebought trainers, I made a few fitted diapers and fleece covers for him but they're too tight and bulky for him to be able to put on and off himself, so he ends up peeing in them on purpose because he doesn't want to go thru the trouble. So these undies would be PERFECT for him to try! :)
    Lori G.B.

  10. Not yet, but they are cute!

  11. We have just recently started with our 2 year-old! We're not in a race though, so we've got plenty of time! We would definitely choose the purple and white ♡

  12. We've only just used the Gerber cloth pull-ups with our two oldest...definitely looking into something else this time!

  13. We have been potty training for about 3/4 months & its been a slow process with this one! We are getting there slowly but surely. I really like these training pants, I like the web slinger in Lg.

  14. The only training pants I've ever tried has been pull-ups. It's been 5 years since I've potty trained & these definitely look like a way better option! :)

  15. We haven't begun potty training yet, but this would come in handy when we start!

  16. We have been in training about a month poos are going ALOT better than pees

  17. Baby not old enough yet to start but be nice when she is. i would pick the color cupcake queen

  18. Trying Pull-ups and its slow going. Would love to try these.

  19. Been training about 6 months, taking our time. My daughter would love the purple pixie color.

  20. Also tried generic store brand training pants and they don't seem any different than disposable diapers.

  21. Will be a great transition from cloth diapers Can't wait to try them.

  22. I think I have tried every brand of disposable trainers honestly and none are working :-(


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