Saturday, July 11, 2015
Wearing your child is a great way to provide them with comfort and reassurance.  Babywearing is essentially an extension of the womb and children that are worn are generally calmer. The motion and sound of your heartbeat is relaxing to them, and parents often find it easier to care for their child because they're able to pick up early cues, creating a stronger bond. When you wear your baby, you can keep your hands free to get things done, in or out of the house, without big gear to cart around everywhere. Babywearing also aids the child in their physical development, children that are worn are more likely to have better balance and an earlier sense of independence.
I remember the first time I tried on a carrier. It was a soft-structured carrier (SSC) and my middle child was 6 months old.  I fell in love with babywearing.  I love all the different types of carriers, but SSC's are a preference because they buckle on quickly, ready to wear.  It doesn't take much to figure them out, they're safe for both baby and the wearer with this helpful acronym (T.I.C.K.S.):
T- Tight- carrier isn't too loose, keeping baby close
I-  In view- you can always see your baby's face
C-  Close enough to kiss- you should be able to easily kiss their forehead
K-  Keep chin off of their chest- airway kept open and clear
S-  Supported back- both you and child should feel comfortable, body is ergonomic
Check out more tips on Babywearing International HERE.
While I was browsing SSC's online, I came across the most charming product, called a Cozy Baby Carrier on Etsy.  The 2015 collection all appear bright, cheerful and honestly unlike anything I'd seen before.  I was in awe of the additional features, like an air mesh panel to keep baby cool, detachable storage pouch on the waist belt as well as a detachable, adjustable hood.  
I am happy to help introduce you to Nap Bag by Bagy and the WAHM (work at home mom) behind it all!

Olga Boieru is the creator/designer of By Bagy.  She resides in Moldova, Eastern Europe.  From her younger years, she remembers fashioning outfits for her dolls.  This passion for sewing continued as she grew older, and Olga even wore her own hand-made clothes to high school.  After she had her first daughter, she used a German wrap but was inspired to make a more comfortable and stylish ergonomic carrier.  All her friends loved what she made and asked her to make them one too!  Then her friend's friends were inquiring about it and so on... and that's how Olga created her first collection.  She had so many orders piling up, that she quit her job as a graphic designer and her hobby of making carriers became a career.  
Her favorite thing about having her own business is the pure joy and appreciation people have shown from getting to use her products.  "Once, I had an order from a woman with 3 kids who took care of her children all by herself without any car or husband, and while living in the suburb of a city. When we met she was so tired and sad. This was her first experience with a carrier. Right after she put on a carrier with her baby, her face changed completely! She started to cry of happiness and I couldn't resist too. Meeting new people, seeing them so thankful, and making their lives happier and more beautiful is my favorite part of my business!"
Olga loves working with fabrics and colors and says immediately she has inspiration and can envision the whole finished product.  She makes a variety of fashionable items, including breastfeeding/nursing clothing, backpacks, wrap sling baby carriers and ergo baby carriers.  She makes 1-2 collections per year, and has fun creating new unique ideas!
Olga won first place in the competition for the most stylish carrier between the sling producers of Post Soviet Union countries for her ergo carrier.  People all across the globe-  USA, Russia, Italy, India, Malaysia, Israel, and many other countries are engaged in the stylish designs of Nap Bag by Bagy.
I received the Street Life print from the 2014 collection in exchange for a thorough, honest review.
I could tell this was something special when I opened the package and saw it.. you can tell this is a carrier made with pride!  The carrier has a soft, silky outer fabric with vivid colors and an engaging design.  It is lightweight but with the full support you'd expect from a SSC. There's something about it that makes it stand out.  I just love it!  My hubby took a pic of the first time I wore it with Karebear!
On the 4th of July this year, we went down to see the fireworks in Cedar Rapids.  This carrier definitely had some sleepy dust because Karebear slept through almost the entire thing!
The hood of this carrier has metal snaps to easily remove it.  It also has an adjustable drawstring edge to curve over your child's head and elastic straps buckling it to the shoulder straps, offering even more protection.  

Here is what it looks like without the hood.
The panel unzips and rolls down with a metal snap on a strip of fabric to keep it in place.  This is such an asset to babywearing, as many of us know too well how sweaty our baby's backs (and ours) get in the hot summer months!
 The waist belt is wide and lightly padded to prevent digging in which will let you wear baby for longer periods of time.  There is a storage pouch that slides with two fabric straps and snaps on.  This pouch is perfect to put the hood in, a pair of sunglasses, your phone, id, some cash, keys or whatever!  It's the perfect size for the basics!
The waist buckle is sturdy, with an elastic hoop to keep it secure.

The Nap Bag by Bagy fits children from 3-4 months up to 44 pounds.  It is made of high quality, natural cotton materials with straps that can take pressure up to 66 pounds.  The stitching is doubled and heavy duty.The size range for wearers specifies S-XL.  However, I am a size 20/22 plus-sized mama and had no issues with fit on this carrier even with a 30 pound 22 month old ambitious toddler. By Bagy will make alterations, so every body type can have optimal comfort. Usually this cost is very minimal.  She wants everyone to know that she is happy to make a custom fit for you!  You can wear this carrier in a front, back or hip carry position. 
The front carry is super simple and snugly!  It's easy to unzip and roll the fabric panel to get the benefit of the air flow mesh.
Wearing on the back is comfortable also.  I will admit the chest clip felt a bit too high for me and I was unable to lower it any further.
My friend Leslie, the head admin at BabyWearers of Cedar Rapids gave it a try to see if it was too high on her as well, and it was.  She wears a size 8.  She suggested using a scarf to close it if I felt I needed to have something across. 
The other day, I took the kids to go visit one of my BFF's Liz and her awesome kiddos.  Liz has a fancy camera and her daughter who wears an XS, 0-1 size is a great model for another try at seeing how the clip settles on the sternum.  It absolutely seemed to be placed perfectly on her frame.
At the end of each strap, there are elastic loops.  You roll the ends up and the loop goes over and holds it in place to tuck away excess length.
All the snaps, straps and buckles are durable materials, and I decided I'd do a few side by side pics next to my Mystic Purple Ergobaby Original.  The waists buckles are in the same area.  The width is about the same, also.  The only difference is the amount of padding- the ergo is more plump.
Here's a closer look at the buckles and straps of an Ergobaby Original compared to a Nap Bag by Bagy.  Nap Bag by Bagy definitely is slightly smaller in scale.
The biggest difference between these two carriers is the shoulder strap length.  The Ergobaby shoulder strap length exceeds the length of the shoulder straps on a Nap Bag by Bagy by 30 centimeters.
I found the Nap Bag by Bagy to be really comfortable, no problem to wear for multiple hours at a time.  I also think the price for this carrier is in a perfectly affordable range.  I received many compliments about how well it looked!
Nap Bag by Bagy comes with a bag to compactly roll up the carrier for portability or when not in use.  You are ok to machine wash in cold water, up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can also conveniently spot cleanse the carrier with a damp rag.
What is my favorite thing about the Nap Bag by Bagy?
The exclusive designs and all the additional features really give this carrier it's character.  I enjoyed seeing Karebear being less sweaty and I even felt quite cooler wearing it.
Is there anything I'd change about this product?
I'd love to see the strap length increase to fit better across the sternum.
I give the Cozy Baby Carrier- Nap Bag by Bagy a 9/10!

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By Bagy is letting me host a really amazing giveaway!  
One person will win a Cozy Baby Carrier Nap Bag that's currently in stock on Etsy, valued up to $105 USD!  This giveaway is open internationally!
Michigan Savings and More is co-hosting this giveaway!
All you have to do to enter is fill out the giveaway form below. Must be 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Giveaway will run from 7/12/15-7/27/15. Winner will be announced on this post as well as emailed. You will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn. Open Internationally. GOOD LUCK!!!
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  1. This carrier looks wonderful, I'd love to try it!

  2. Olga's Story is an inspiration. All four of my babies were "Cling Ons". There is nothing more stressful to a mom than trying to get things done with a little one crawling and screaming after you. I had to keep all of mine in carriers while I got things done around the house. My kids didn't grow up entitled or spoiled. They are perfectly fine and thanks to having a carrier I am SANE. 0-o I only wish my carrier was as nice as this one! ^-^

  3. Wow - so many amazing prints it's hard to choose one! I would probably get Azure Waves, although Street Life and Choco Map are awesome too!

  4. Oh my I love all the prints... especially this funky tag carrier. However I would highly reccommend buying a wrap first for newborns and till after a year old then go to the other carriers... I loved thw wraps for my baby.

  5. Nap bag has such cute designs and looks super comfortable, amd has such character. I dont have a carrier and have been looking at some used ergo carriers. The nap bags are very similar and id love to win one in any design.

  6. Nap bag has such cute designs and looks super comfortable, amd has such character. I dont have a carrier and have been looking at some used ergo carriers. The nap bags are very similar and id love to win one in any design.

  7. I love the hood and the amazing prints. Also they look super comfy!!

  8. There all amazing id choose we have a ring sling and need a buckle carrier for hiking

  9. i think it looks like a beautiful product and it looked really good on you.. youre little one is so adorable as well. how cute!!!!

  10. Cozy Baby Carrier / Multi-functional Sling / "Birds" - Nap Bag by Bagy is so cute love the fabric and no I do not have one right now.

  11. I only have a ring sling but I think something like this would be more comfortable! With so many super cute prints would be really hard to pick one!

  12. Oh I am in love with it already!! I really really hope I win!

  13. I wonder how this would feel compared to a Boba or Tula. My Boba kills my hips and back.

  14. I love how this carrier can be worn on both the front and the back. I think that the straps look sturdy and secure and that will help the baby remain safe.

  15. I own an ergo. These are really beautiful. Love just mint and azure waves.

  16. I like that there is an airflow mesh area for hot days. I also like that the hood snaps on and off.

  17. I have a boba air, which is awesome, but no padding so it hurts after about 30 min! My oldest is special needs so wearing the baby makes life easier!
    my other favorite print is the royals.

  18. I love the design of this carrier. It seems very light and airy. I love the slim straps. As a fairly small person wide straps seem to takeover lol.

  19. I love how it's affordable and comfortable! some carriers, like mine (that i said above) just aren't comfy at all! Also love all the cool designs that they have!

  20. I like the closeness it provides. It looks fairly comfortable too which is also a bonus.

  21. The TICKS of babywearing are very important and great safety tips. I'd love one of these awesome carriers.

  22. I love TICKS! haha sounds so strange but I do!

  23. I love how cute the design is, and it keeps baby close and snug but your hands free

  24. The carrier looks so comfortable and the designs are beautiful

  25. I love them all but birds,yellow watercolor and street life are my top 3! -Julia Gonzalez

  26. I love this carrier! The colors and design are great!

  27. Nap carrier is convenient and it has nice design too.

  28. I have tried ring slings and wrap tai, but want a ssc for my husband. Woul love the street life print nap bag!!!

  29. Love this pattern!!!

  30. I REALLY need this in my life! So pretty! :-)

  31. wish i was able to get " street life" but she is out of the material!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT CARRIER SO MUCH!! It is AMAZING!! I am hoping now to either get " funny flowers" or "flirty" but my bf likes "yellow watercolor" but its too bright for me! Has anyone seen "Ny Royal" im considering it if i cant get the other two i mentioned!! I am going on vacation to NY from Florida soon and need my bag asap!!! Anyone lucky enough To on street life Is so blessed. It is my absolute favorite one. I wish I was able to get it in time before she ran out of fabric. Contact me On AOL If You know anybody Willing To sell Street life!! Thanks

  32. This special types in addition to each of the added attributes definitely allow that service it truly is identity. When i relished finding Kari bear currently being fewer flushed in addition to When i possibly believed rather colder using the item.

  33. Somewhat fantastic as well as informative putting up. My spouse and i truly desired these people. Using due to find producing right here all-around. Keep updating further.

  34. Appraisal to find prefer on the subject of a ingredients typically the waists buckles have an identical section. Typically the longer might be about the same, even. Truly the only improvement might be the length of padding- typically the ergo might be further fat.


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