Wednesday, June 17, 2015
The last couple years I have felt it has been getting more and more difficult finding gifts for my husband.  I know he appreciates going out to eat on Father's Day, especially to a All-You-Can-Eat buffet, so that's something we always do.  However, I honestly have the worst time finding him a gift he REALLY likes beyond a delicious dinner.  I talked about popular gifts you see frequently advertised for Father's Day with my hubby.  He elaborated on each gift and I'm sharing with you today a Dad Gift Guide.
Grilling:  My hubby prefers managing grill responsibilities, and that's fine.  Grilling sets like seasonings and sauces are really popular, and he said they're the perfect gift for a dad who likes to grill. Check out the awesome Ajika all-natural seasoning set or grilling baskets like my hubby's choice- the Jim & Jack Together at Last Gift Basket on Amazon.

Tools: There's always a need for tools around the house and everyone could use a good power drill.  My hubby added that miter saws are convenient tools to have on hand also. There may be a specific brand you are loyal to, we primarily have Black & Decker.
Organization: Think about where the clutter is... Having a a efficient garage organization system can be really handy to clear out clutter and make things easier to find!  Maybe loose change, receipts, and mobile devices are scattered on the dresser or desk, maybe there's another place that could use tidying up, like the car, which brings us to...
Car/Bike Accessories:  This is going to be something that's very specific to each person, but one thing that can keep Dad safe and prepared for an emergency is a safety kit.  If you're wondering what you need in the safety kit, Consumer Reports has an excellent article HERE.  If you have a cyclist Dad in the family, consider browsing through the outdoor recreation products on Amazon.
Fishing/Hunting License: Our family prefers wild game over hunting for meat at the grocery store.  Just the time going through the woods or by the riverbed is a great stress reliever.  Go HERE to find info about licenses in Iowa.
Grooming Kits: My hubby uses his beard and mustache trimmer all the time.  Said he couldn't get by without it!  While you're at it, a nice manicure/pedicure set wouldn't hurt (and will hopefully keep them from using yours LOL)!

Comfy Clothes:  Think relaxation, preference AND need.  Get a t-shirt that sports his favorite team or interest.  You can go for pajamas, a robe, socks, whatever.  My hubby always likes new clothes I buy him.  You can also grab the kids and do a DIY project shirt like this BEST DAD EVER t-shirt.
Hobby Related Gift Cards: aka Video Games ETC or Game Stop GC's for my hubby... but this one will go any way you think would be appreciated.
Date Night: What better way to celebrate fatherhood than rekindling the sparks that started it all in the first place?  Can't get out?  I love this 13 Easy at Home Date Ideas for Parents by Rebel Circus!
Family Vacation: Here is my suggestion- grab the kiddos, a tent and s'more ingredients then visit your nearest campground.  For a few more bucks, stay the night in a hotel (with a pool).  Find a few local attractions and you have yourself a fun family mini-vacation!

Any other ideas I should add to this list?  Let me know in the comments below!

What is your family doing for dad this year?


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