Wednesday, April 15, 2015
I never imagined when I first started pumping that I'd find myself a year and a half later still pumping.  Exclusive pumping is a whole new world beyond nursing!  The information available is often conflicting or confusing. It seems there's less support and often, you feel like you've been branded as inferior for not directly nursing at the breast. I was low supply- no matter how many times or how long I pumped, I never made quite enough for my baby.  My daughter needed supplemented to get her through her first year and we luckily were recipients of donor milk from local mamas I found on HM4HB. Every pumping mama will agree that every single ounce really is special!  
In 2 days, I will have been pumping 19 months... you can read my breastfeeding story with Karebear HERE.  I'm getting about 2 ounces with just one pump a day now.  My ultimate goal was 18 months of breastmilk and I've done it- I've exceeded my own expectations! 
You may know that I love to do graphic design and I made up a cute little frame today to commemorate this accomplishment.  
I wanted to show the frame I made and let you know you can get a copy on my Facebook page HERE!!  
Share this with every mom you think needs to remember how appreciated their efforts are!  Pumping is hard work! If you'd like more information about my graphics, feel free to email me!


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