Thursday, February 19, 2015
Make it Green in 2015 with Unpaper Towels from Bambooee

I started up the Make it Green in 2015 campaign to help us all find easy ways to make changes in our lifestyles to improve our environment.  It starts with a connection, just thinking about what you are using and how that impacts Earth is the first step in going green.
Trees are a necessary component of life, providing habitats for numerous organisms, replenishing our air supply, improving soil/drainage and trees shield us from wind, heat, etc. and because of all trees do for us, it's easy to imagine them first when you hear the word "GREEN."
Paper towels and other paper products are handy, there's no denying that. We've always had a roll of paper towels around to wipe away the kids messes after meals, as well as assisting with getting the kitchen and bathroom clean.  I knew I was producing more garbage using other paper products, and it was time to find a way to cut back on paper towel waste as well.  I was very happy when I heard about Bambooee because they offered an excellent alternative to paper towels!
I'm glad to get the chance to introduce you to Bambooee's Reusable Towels today. 

Bambooee was started by Irene and Noam in 2009, after a conversation about the deforestation of the Brazilian Rainforest which brought up their desire to reverse the damage.  Bambooee's cause is to help reduce waste and to plant trees at the same time. They've partnered with Trees for the Future which gives to over 50 countries, working with local farmers, planting trees.  With every single roll of Bambooee purchased, a tree is planted.  
Bambooee is made from an organic bamboo source in China, grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. Bamboo is known to be durable, antimicrobial, and absorbent, so it makes sense to use it in place of paper towels. 
There are currently two products from Bambooee- the regular Bambooee Roll and the Bambooee Sweeps.  The Bambooee Roll contains 20 sheets of  rayon made from organic bamboo, it fits just right on a paper towel roll holder, and can be used anywhere you'd typically use a paper towel. Bambooee Sweeps have 15 sheets of rayon made from organic bamboo, with "grime-lifting scrubbing dots," which are made to clean floors.

Bambooee sheets are proportionate to paper towels, however Bambooee sheets leave ordinary paper towels looking wimpy. The fibers on Bambooee sheets are thicker, more deluxe and highly efficient at picking up practically any mess you can think of.   They have perforated edges so you can easily get a sheet off the roll.  Bambooee are super tough- you won't be able to rip them apart with your bare hands like you can a paper towel.  Bambooee Unpaper Towels go after the dust and dirt like no other!
I wanted to do a quick experiment, so I grabbed two four ounce glass baby food jars and put in two Tablespoons of water in them.  I folded up a standard paper towel and a Bambooee sheet and shoved them into the jars.  I waited a couple minutes and took them out of the jars.  The paper towel was thoroughly doused, to the point that it couldn't hold any more.  The Bambooee sheet soaked up the water, but it could've definitely taken on twice (if not three times) as much.  The absorbency difference was fascinating between the two: the paper towel was dripping and the Bambooee sheet just felt damp. 
Bambooee are reusable, each towel can be washed up to 100 times!  Just one roll of Bambooee Unpaper Towels replaces 286 paper towels.  This can save you a substantial amount of money, and is very environmentally friendly.  
When you're done with it you can throw it in a bucket under the sink like I do.  After I finished the second roll, I gave them a nice warm wash in the washing machine with a Tablespoon of bleach.  Bambooee recommends to line dry, but I threw them in the dryer and tumble dried on low heat.  They came out fresh, fluffier and even more absorbent!  Below is a photo of what a Bambooee sheet looks like before washed, compared to the stack of washed Bambooee sheets. 
You can quickly roll them back onto the roll and place on your paper towel holder, or like the first photo I shared, make them look special in a basket.  Reusable towels can be fun and fancy!
What's my favorite thing about Bambooee Unpaper Towels?  The fact that I didn't feel like it was a huge transition, the practice of using Bambooee Unpaper Towels is identical to ordinary paper towels... but you wash them!
I actually have made quite a waste-reducing impact by switching over!
Is there anything I'd change about it?  I would love for Bambooee to be biodegradable, so after you've fully used them to their magnitude you could be 100% guilt-free about it. The good news is that Bambooee is working on getting a compostable version available as soon as possible!
I give Bambooee a 9/10!

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Bambooee is giving away a roll of the towels and a roll of the sweeps!  If you'd like to enter to win,  just fill out the competition form below! The giveaway will run from 2/19/15-3/8/15. Open to US only. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Winner will be announced on this post, as well as emailed (so make sure to log into the competition form using the email address you use). You will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn. 
Latched On Mom was given a free product to test for review purposes, but did not receive payment for the review which was given. All opinions are my own, written by me. Other participating bloggers did not receive compensation to promote this giveaway. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media. Prize fulfillment is the sponsor's responsibilty. 


  1. we go through 1-2 rolls of standard paper towels a week. I've considered switching to cloth, but it seems like an excessive use of fabric for little tasks. these sound like a happy middle!

  2. I don't use paper towels I use dish towels. I would love to some bamboo towels. They would get used in this house for sure.

  3. I use unpaper towels and I absolutely love them. However the kind that I currently have aren't good for cleaning, but I still adore them.

  4. I've never tried these! I go through at least one and a half rolls of paper towels a week! What a waste!

  5. I use 1-2 rolls of paper towels a week,and to me that's wasteful, I have never heard of or used unpaper towels but I would love to try them,I've heard great things about bamboo products.

  6. Wow, how interesting! I use a roll every two weeks, such a huge waste and we don't even think about it. I haven't tried unpaper towels yet, but I would love to!

  7. These unpaper towels sound awesome! I am so not crafty enough to make my own, but love the idea!

  8. We go through a lot of paper towels! I have not tried unpaper towels but this inspires me to do so. I like that they can go on the paper towel holder but also like the basket idea!

  9. Thank you for this giveaway! It's a great chance to try something different and earth friendly!

  10. usually use one unless the grandkids come over and then its 2

  11. I'm pretty sparing with paper towels. I have some (funky!) rags that I use for some tasks. I am certainly interested in these bamboo paper towels.

  12. Isn't bamboo supposed to have anti-microbial qualities? I wonder if that factors into this design.

  13. I use one roll a week and have not used unrolled

  14. My husband usually goes through 1-3 rolls every week and a half and I hate it!!! I find wadded up paper towels everywhere. I'm constantly picking up dirty and scrunched paper towels from the counter, floor, corner of the sink, back of the stove (hello fire hazard) and microwave (why???). We haven't used unpaper towels, but I am on the brink of getting them. I already wash cloth diapers so unpaper towels would add nothing to my laundry load.

  15. We go thru probably half a roll a week, I've been wanting to try unoaoer towels and haven't bothered to buy them yet.

  16. We probably go through a roll a month or so. I actually use these but hubby doesn't which is why we still go through paper towels at all ;)

  17. I try to use them as sparingly as possible but after learning about these, I'd much rather switch!

  18. I don't know how many sheets are on my rolls, but I usually go through one every two weeks. We try to use reusable whenever possible, so we don't go through too many paper towels. But this would be just like using paper towels, only I'd get to reuse them! Love this idea!

  19. I don't use a lot of paper towels I may use 2 rolls a month

  20. I didn't even realize that towels like this existed. These look great.


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