Sunday, January 11, 2015
Have you had a cloth diaper crush?  I have... and I bet most of you have too.  You know when you come across a cloth diaper in a particular print or style and it absolutely blows you away, you can't forget about it, you may even find yourself in a fixation about getting this darling diaper in your possession. That's how I felt when I saw Purple Unicorn's first breastfeeding themed diaper.  Then I stalked the Facebook page and I was in awe because every single diaper was something to be wild about. Obviously, you can imagine my excitement when I won a giveaway from Mama Banana's Adventures for a custom diaper by Purple Unicorn!
It was soooo much fun walking through the process with Elizabeth, I got to choose the fabric, color of inner, color of snaps and I chose turned and topstitched (T&T). It was exciting and when I got the diaper in the mail, I literally jumped up and down.  Life of a cloth diaper mama LOL!
Let me tell you all about the hybrid fitteds from Purple Unicorn and the WAHM that makes Purple Unicorn as amazing as it is.
Elizabeth Barba was taught how to sew by her grandmother when she was just a few years old.  She has about 30 years of experience and she is always sewing!  Making diapers for her kids using all the fabrics that she loved was so much fun that she decided creating a business was the next logical step. Her favorite thing about having her own business is buying all the fabrics, "I am definitely addicted." she says. Also making mamas their "unicorn" the ultimate diaper is something she loves to try and do.
Purple Unicorn is located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  All the materials that are used in the diapers and clothing made by Purple Unicorn are CPSIA compliant.  This means that the materials have been tested and passed for consumer product safety requirements.
You can find hybrid fitteds, pocket diapers, maxaloones, shirts, dresses, hoodies, embroidered designs on diapers, and order something customized to your liking for your little one!
I'm reviewing Purple Unicorn's hybrid fitted cloth diaper, which is the most popular item sold.  These diapers fit between 10-30+ pounds. I believe it could go up to 40, possibly.
The outer fabric is made from a cotton knit, this diaper has two different outer fabrics, known as "two-toned."  See the wings have this Rad Breastfeeding/Babywearing fabric with the front rise being a rainbow stripe.  
The inside of the diaper is lined with a velvety soft cotton velour fabric.  In between the cotton velour and the outer cotton knit is a layer of windpro- a thick fleece fabric that is highly breathable and water repellent. 
There are a total of three snap-in petal style soakers made of 8 layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece. The same cotton velour used for the inside of the diaper is placed on the top layer of the soaker. The soakers are customizable, you can use all three, you can use just two or you can use just one, depending on your needs. They easily snap into the backside of the diaper.
The diaper has a fold-down rise, a special feature that I hadn't used before.  Below is a photo of how you can use it with the belly panel folded down.  This is helpful for the smaller babies. Karebear is about 26 pounds and 15 months old.  It definitely fits better without using the fold-down rise on her.
There is a single row of 10 resin snaps for the fold-down rise.  There are 12 waist snaps and crossover snaps on the wings. 
Karebear fit splendidly in it with just a space of 2-3 snaps in the center left open. 
I like to see it taut along the edges, keeping everything in.  The leg elastic is snug, no gaping. The first time she wore this diaper, she easily got by 4 hours.  The second time we actually forgot that she was wearing it, drove for an hour and went shopping for an hour and went out to eat.  We came home and were like OOOPS.  However, it didn't leak thru to her pants.  This diaper is super absorbent and absolutely amazing!  Karebear is quite active too, always on the move.  I love reliable diapers like this!
Here's a bum shot.  Super cute, right?
Laundering is easy, you can choose to unsnap the soakers or leave them intact.  Throw in with your cloth diaper load, wash on cold rinse, hot wash, cold rinse with your cloth diaper safe detergent of choice (we've switched from All Free & Clear to Tide Original HE recently and I use enough detergent to fill to the first line on the measuring cup).  You can dry this diaper on high heat even, it holds up well.  The print may fade over time, this is to be expected especially when you wash on anything other than cold. 
This diaper is exceptional.  It holds up to my high expectations.  
What do I like most about this product?  That it's breathable, going without PUL is great for baby's skin.
Is there anything I'd change about it?  I think it's absolutely perfect just how it is.  
I give Purple Unicorn a 10/10!
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  1. Ah, I love fold down rise diapers!

  2. Oooh, the fabric you picked is marvelous! Love the bright colors and the sweet mother/baby motif. This looks like top quality to me!!

  3. This is such a cute print! I love hybrids and this one looks like it works really well.

  4. I've never heard of this brand before! I'd love to try the fitted diaper.

  5. Love the colors and like that you can use 3 snap ins. Great for overnight wear.

  6. Wow! Really looks like an awesome diaper!

  7. Such cute patterns! And it looks very well made. We only have one hybrid fitted diaper and would love some more.


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