Sunday, March 16, 2014
Placenta encapsulation was something I was always interested in,  probably due to the fact that I grew up on a farm and witnessed mother cows consume their "afterbirth."  It was normal and accepted for this mammal to do so, so why wouldn't a human do it? Of course, I wasn't intrigued by the thought of eating mine raw, and honestly I wouldn't feel comfortable cooking it up like fillet mignon with a side of steak sauce either. Encapsulation made sense to me tho, you reap so many benefits from ingesting your placenta and these benefits were definitely worth going to all the trouble, I thought. So I researched how to do it myself. The most helpful article I came across was from Peaceful Parenting and I attempted my own version,  which was quite successful. I wanted to share step by step pictures so if this is something you want to do, maybe this post can help you encapsulate your own placenta!

I had an emergency c-section, but was still able to keep my placenta!  This is what they put it in, and I packed a cooler with ice and kept it in there 2 days until I got home.

 photo 2_zps5bbac694.jpg

I have heard of placentas being called "the tree of life" and thought the branches were beautiful.

 photo 4_zps2b76fa6b.jpg

 photo 5_zps26853ff1.jpg

 photo 7_zps9fa2834d.jpg
We bought our Capsule Machine off, but you may find it or other similar products elsewhere.

 photo 8_zps8fb0a930.jpg

 photo 9_zps8936a83d.jpg

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  1. Wow. This is VERY interesting. I think I would be grossed out if I did this but I don't know. I have read many different articles about people encapsulating their own placenta, but I didn't realize they did it themselves! My gag reflex went from normal to way, way bad (easily triggered) after having two children. I don't think my stomach could handle doing this myself. I don't know though. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures though!! I am impressed! =)


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