Monday, April 22, 2013

First of all, I'd like to address a product that has recently debuted at Target, and other stores that is marketed for new mothers...  I became aware of this yesterday from a share by Debunked on Facebook and wanted to let my readers know that this is a very deceitful product.  It is a "test" to see how much milk that you make.  These people have no way to guarantee their results, and must have absolutely no knowledge about lactation whatsoever.  The people who support this product are almost as bad as the people who created it.  The amount of milk that you're able to pump IS NOT A RELIABLE INDICATOR of how much milk you produce (source HERE). Below is a picture of this product.
There is a petition to remove this product from Target shelves, and I am urging everyone to sign it- as well as educate yourself further about how to tell if you make enough milk.  

I wanted to discuss some key points about this blog post "Do I make enough milk for baby?"  because it is a very common question for new moms.  Often it just feels like you can't be possibly making enough breastmilk to satisfy baby.  Here's some common reasons I've heard (or experienced myself) why moms have that feeling that they don't make enough milk.

Concern:  Baby is fussy when breastfeeding.
Answer:  There's tons of reasons why baby could be fussy.  Usually around the first growth spurt (or any growth spurt), this can come up.  Baby could expect a faster flow, trying to keep up with their increasing appetite.   Or just the opposite, baby is used to a slower flow and all of a sudden your body is keeping up with their need and it actually becomes a forceful let down.  Baby could also have some extra air in their tummy and you may need to stop and burp baby, or even practice infant massage to help them feel more comfortable.  Baby could have a stuffy nose or a slight cold.  Maybe baby is teething, which is a very long process... Even when you can't see teeth, they may very well be beginning to come in.  You can read more about all the potential factors as to why your baby is fussy when breastfeeding here- and here-

Concern:  Your breasts feel "empty."
Answer:  When baby is born, your body will begin to create a supply usually for two babies or more and will regulate itself after a few weeks of exclusive breastfeeding.  Once it's regulated, breasts don't feel as engorged.  It's perfect just for what baby needs.  More about this subject here-

Concern:  You pump and what comes out isn't nearly what you think baby needs.
Answer:  The average mom can pump between 1-3 ounces per pumping session.  Most babies are much better than getting milk out than a pump is (source HERE).
Here is an image that REALLY helps you put it into perspective of what baby needs per feeding. Pic from HERE.

The ONLY reliable way to determine if baby is getting enough milk is by diaper count and weight gain.  Also a baby typically nurses 10-12 times a day.  Expect baby to have approximately 6 wet diapers a day, and poopy diapers count as a wet diaper as well. You can read more about this many places, here is a great outline about how to tell if baby is getting enough milk-
Also, all babies and people gain weight differently, and this is important to keep in mind.  A favorite article of mine is "Look at the Baby, Not the Scale," by Dr. Jay Gordon, you can read the article here-  

It's not a bad thing to doubt yourself as a mother, every child brings a whole new realm to your universe and there's a lot of unexpected surprises along the way.  If you're worried about how you're doing things, you're ok.  It just means that you care and want the best for your family.  By learning you grow and develop faith in what you are becoming. Believe in yourself and find like-minded people to support you.  

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  1. Hi, My name is Jaqui and I am the person who created the Petition. I want to thank you for your support and also share that we have created a Facebook page committed to taking this product of the market. Please like and share!


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