Friday, March 15, 2013
My parents didn't drink coffee.  I know everytime that I was around coffee brewing that I really enjoyed the scent that it gave out.  I really don't think I liked it the first time, it was black and probably not so fresh.  I was about 14 and in a hotel with my family.  I didn't attempt to try it again until I was around 20 years old.  I worked in a hotel as a maid and everyday I walked in and smelled all the freshly brewed coffee.  It was free for the employees so I gladly had a cup or two a day.
However, when I become pregnant... then coffee just smells horrible, it makes me feel sick to my stomach.  I couldn't imagine drinking it!  After a few months of pregnancy, the morning sickness passes for the most part and I always succumb to the temptations once again.  But by then I figure it would be best to do half caffeinated and half de-caff.  It wasn't until recently that a blend for home brewing that was half caff was available.  And of course, it's the brand I always buy- Folgers. 
Here I am, as I am every morning sipping on my cup of joe with either a tablespoon of French vanilla creamer or else my other favorite- dark brown sugar and cream.   I LOVE coffee.  Besides water, it's the only other drink I want and maybe need LOL.  I know those mornings without it, I don't get going like usual, like I'm in slow motion. I'm grumpy without my coffee and well, not very visually appealing either probably.  Maybe someday I won't feel so addicted but it's the way it is now, and I'm ok with it.  I think it helps me get thru my day.  That's a good thing, considering how hectic life can be.  I sign up for Folgers emails- and get free samples and keep updated with their products.  Gotta love free samples!  I did not receive money from Folgers because of this blog post, and this is purely my own opinion.  I would love to hear yours though... Do you drink coffee?  What do you put in your coffee? 


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