Thursday, October 8, 2015
If you're trying to conceive or even just thinking about having a baby, something that is very valuable in detecting the most fertile time in your cycle are ovulation test strips. Ovulation Test Strips indicate a peak in a specific hormone giving you a time window to work extra hard on getting pregnant.  I'm all about making it easy and when my husband and I decided we'd try for #4, I wanted the best ovulation test strips on the market.  Fairhaven Health has many fertility products available on their website- or on Amazon and I trust this company so I turned to them first.  I was sent a BFP Test Strip Big Bundle to review in exchange for an honest thorough review.
This kit contains 30 Ovulation Test Strips and 10 Early Pregnancy Test Strips.  Each strip is individually packaged and are very easy to use.  First, let's talk about the ovulation strips.
The ovulation strips are over 99 percent accurate, they detect ovulation 24-48 hours in advance and cost as little as $.50 each!  All you do is find a certain time a day that works best for you to use them.  Pee into a miniature cup and dip the tip of the test strip in then set it down on a flat surface and wait a few minutes.  If you see two lines, you're ovulating!
The BFP Ovulation Test Strips clearly direct you how to use them, just pay attention to the marks on the strip.  There is a leaflet with more directions included in the package that is very helpful in being able to read the results.
I was not ovulating in the image above.  My cycles are between 30-32 days.  I tested on day 20. I use an android app that said I was past my ovulation time frame, but I wanted to double check as this was the very first time I used an ovulation test strip.  As you can see, there is one line- the control line.  Two lines indicate that the hormone has been picked up, but you want that second line to be very strong, as strong as the control line.  Then you know it's time for bedroom business.
It's recommended to test 1-2 times a day and at the same time every day.  Below is a helpful chart from Fairhaven Health to help you know when to test for ovulation.  However, using an app on your phone like I do may be beneficial in finding the best day to test as well.  You can read my post 5 Signs You Are Ovulating & More TTC Tips to read more about how to tell if you're ovulating.
Now let's move on to the BFP Early Pregnancy Test Strips.
These pregnancy test strips are reliable- over 99 percent accurate, they can detect pregnancy 4 days before your missed period and cost as little as $.50 each!
I figured might as well try the pregnancy test out too at the same time I did the ovulation test.  
It was negative (but surprise I was actually pregnant!!!) so I figured I'd test one more time- in a week- when my period was due.
This was a HUGE surprise, we thought it'd take months to conceive because of my recent diagnosis with Hashimotos.  We are so happy to announce we are expecting #4 in May 2016!  I'm looking forward to reusing cloth diapers we purchased for Karebear (who just turned 2 and is potty-training), I'm super ready to lactate again and I cannot wait to have a little squish wrapped up on my chest to cuddle all day long!
What's my favorite thing about this product?  Everything is there, you get all the test strips you need for at least 2 months and if you're already efficient at tracking ovulation you could make this kit last 6 months or more!
Is there anything I'd change about this product?  Nope. I'm extremely satisfied with these strips and I highly recommend Fairhaven fertility products to anyone who is TTC.
I give the BFP Test Strip Big Bundle a 10/10!
Please take a moment to LIKE Fairhaven Health Fertility on Facebook for special fan discounts and promotions!  Don't forget to also FOLLOW on Twitter and Instagram!
Thanks for reading this review!  Have you tried any ovulation test strips or pregnancy test strips?  
Saturday, October 3, 2015
My daughter just turned 2 and we started potty training!  I've been testing a few different styles of training pants out on her and although we haven't made progress actually training, we have found out that pull-up style training pants are a pain when it comes to POOP.  
Yep, every time we pull down those other training pants, the poop rolls out.  It's disgusting.  Luckily, I recently came across someone using a Trimsies Trainer Pattern in one of the cloth diaper sewing groups I'm in.  It looked like the exact style of cloth training pants we needed to try.  
I am a novice at sewing.  But because I sew, I am able to quickly get cloth diapers with adorable prints and stay below budget.  The most I have spent per diaper is probably about $3.  I've made fitteds, covers, pockets and inserts.  They aren't nearly as visually appealing as what you'd get for $25, but they are perfectly functional and it's rewarding to know I created that!

The Trimsies pattern was sent to me in exchange for a thorough review.  I am reviewing the pattern and the trainers I made using the pattern.  Let me tell you first of all that the instructions and additional details that Monique, the creator of the Trimsies pattern has included in the download are wonderful and the possibilities with this pattern absolutely go past expectations. It's worth the buy, I haven't seen ANY pattern offering as many ideas and options!  There's a total of 5 different sizes, 4 different styles, making 54 pages of patterns and instructions/details.  There are ways to make this super quick and easy and ways to do it very professionally (if you planned to sell them).
This trainer pattern offers something for eveyone.  I found it simple to get this all sewn up and it works well for my little one!  This isn't a full tutorial, but I'll be sharing some steps I took along the way to show you that Trimsies are Easy DIY Cloth Trainers!
The first thing you do when you get a pattern is decide which materials you're going to use.  Trimsies offers an entire page of fabric recommendations.  If you're brand new to sewing, you may find flannel and cotton knits are the easiest to work with.  Practice and patience is key. The cloth diaper/trainer materials I use mostly now are super heavy organic bamboo fleece "SHOBF," Zorb, PUL, anti-pill and blizzard fleece, wicking mesh, cotton velour, suedecloth and some fancy knit prints.    
There are a few reasons I love fleece- it's cozy, it's breathable, it's water repelling and it has a slight stretch making it easier to work with.  I have a few fleece covers that are pretty much bulletproof for overnight cloth diapering! Many cloth diaper manufacturers have been adding fleece into their diaper materials lately. It works great as a hidden layer or outer layer. However, there are different types of fleece, some which are better than others at repelling moisture. and   To detect if the fleece is truly water repelling, you want to do a quick test.  Take a swatch of fabric, pour a little water on, move the fabric back and forth and watch to see if it begins to soak in. Press the puddle with your finger, pushing into the fabric.  Watch and see if it absorbs.  If it does, it's not the right fleece to work with.
I got some blizzard fleece last year to make some nice warm pants for the girls and had some leftover, so I gave it a quick test.
Since the fabric worked, I decided I'd go for an All-In-One "AIO" with a pocket adding extra absorbency for overnight.  I found the large overnight side snapping pattern and printed just ONE copy then cut it out along the seam allowance line.  When you cut your fabric, you'll notice the pattern is only one half of the entire pattern.  All you do is fold your fabric over and line the pattern middle line to the fold as shown below.
Be sure to take note of the fabric stretch BEFORE cutting.  There's a reminder on the pattern which way you want the stretch to go.
Fleece is perfect as an outer fabric, but this fabric I have is a directional fabric, meaning the print on it only goes in one direction.  So a tip with this is to cut your front and back separately, leaving a seam in the middle to make the direction up on both sides.
Sew the front and back together.
Grab your inner fabric, lay it down and line this outer piece up just like you did with the pattern.  Cut the inner (I'm using suedecloth).
Next, cut the soaker portion out of the pattern.  This way you've printed one copy of the pattern out and got all the pieces you needed without wasting paper!
Cut the soaker fabric with absorbent materials (I used 2 layers of SHOBF encasing a layer of Zorb). If you have a serger, use it... if not, like me, then you'll need to turn it through a hole and topstitch.  In this example, the soaker is attached to the backside of the inner fabric.
Then you sew that to the outer, making sure you have the good sides of the fabric facing in towards each other.
 The pattern instructions say to put the elastic in the seam allowance and zig zag them taut to create the stretch.
The only issue I ran into was I had a really hard time figuring out how to do a pocket.  The instructions stumped me a bit during these steps, so honestly I winged it.
I zig zagged elastic taut across the entire back but tacked (went forward and backwards twice with sewing machine) at the 1/3 mark across back.  I let the elastic loose until 2/3 across and tacked again then continued with the zig zag.  I turned it inside out and I decided to case the fabric over the elastic as shown below.
Just add snaps now, and you're done.
This is how the first try turned out!
That night, I stuffed a cotton prefold and a microfiber insert inside the pocket, put it on my babe and even tho it was HUGE on her it did not leak.  Which is a mom win!!!

I have to make MORE!
Last year, I came across a really good deal on snaps.  I ordered these Spider Engraved KAM snaps from Kimmy's Snabric Facebook Group and have been waiting to use them.
I was looking for fabric to match and when I saw this Marvel Spiderman Comic Scenes Cotton Fabric I literally yelled, "Woohoo!  I found it!!!"  Like I won the lottery!  I was in the Iowa City store, too.  One lady looked at me strangely.  Oh well...  Isn't this fabric perfectly awesome with the snaps?
The second trainer I made had a few alterations.  This one was a size medium instead of large, it has the cotton knit outer with PUL behind it and black cotton velour inner.  I used FOE (fold-over elastic) to close it all up.
This fit much better and was definitely way more trim.  Check out the action shots.
Ok so these are just a couple ideas of how this pattern can be used, but go check out some of the different variations of Trimsies Diapers and Trainers in the website's gallery.  The Trimsies Trainer Pattern is so  versatile itself, but if you have both the diaper and trainer, the possibilities are endless.  I highly recommend trying this pattern!  Here is some more info about the creator of Trimsies, Monique Daley.

What's my favorite thing about this pattern?  All the extra options, it helps get the creativity juices flowing!
Is there anything I'd change about this pattern?  I needed a little more specific information on constructing the pocket, and the instructions seemed to lack the details on this part.
I give Trimsies a 9.5/10!
I am hosting a giveaway for one Trimsies cloth trainer pattern valued at $8 (PDF download) and Kimmy's Snabric is helping sponsor this giveaway with $20 store credit to one lucky winner!  That way you can get pretty much everything needed to make a couple trainers yourself!  Keep up to date with all the updates, as well as more special deals/promotions by LIKING the Trimsies Facebook page and don't forget to join the Kimmy's Snabric Facebook group.
Enter the competition by filling out the form below.  The winner will be emailed, announced here in the giveaway widget once closed and I'll put a shout out to the winner on my Facebook page so make sure to sign in with the email address you check most often! You will only have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn. Must be 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Giveaway will run from 10/03/15-10/17/15. Open to US only. GOOD LUCK!!!
Trimsies Pattern & Kimmy's Snabric Giveaway

Latched On Mom and other participating bloggers did not receive compensation to promote this giveaway, however Latched On Mom was given a free pattern in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own, written by me. Please see my full disclosure for more information. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media. Prize fulfillment is the sponsor's responsibilty. If you have any questions about this giveaway, or have a product you'd like for me to review, please email latchedonmom(at)gmail(dot)com.
Friday, October 2, 2015

     Welcome to the October Breastfeeding Giveaway! Here in the Northeast leaves are falling, the weather is becoming crisp and apple cider and pumpkins are everywhere. We're looking forward to Halloween and the upcoming Holidays. This Fall Breastfeeding Giveaway has some fantastic items, Goodies for your BooooooBies!! Let's face it, these girls work hard year round; They're on call 24/7 and ready to go at moment's notice. Weather you nurse straight from the tap, pump milk or a combination, your little one thanks you for providing the best! I'm thrilled to promote this fantastic giveaway where one winner will receive some fantastic supplies to pamper this hard working team of liquid gold producers. Here are the details:

Giveaway Items: One lucky winner will receive a Melinda G Tee-Shirt Soft Cup Nursing Bra, Latch Pal and Hot/Cold Compress from Happy Fig and wonderful Nipple Soother from Balm Baby! Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post and this blog wasn't compensated for participation. This post may contain affiliate links. Giveaway is in no way associated with social media including Facebook. Questions? Contact and have a wonderful day! 
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
diapergiveaway text
Whether your family chooses to cloth diaper, use disposables, or go diaper-free, every baby eliminates and you are going to have to do something about it! Today's giveaway looks at a few ways to go green with diapering.  My family chose to switch over to cloth with my youngest and we went to full-time 24/7 cloth diapers around 9 months.  Since that time, we've spent about $250 on cloth diapers and they've lasted us til now- she turned 2 last week!  Plus they're going to go through another baby as well.  Saving money is the best part!  I also feel much better knowing I'm keeping trash out of the landfills.  If you haven't tried cloth diapers yet, you should!



by Charlie Banana // A diaper with options (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) charliebanana
This three pack of cloth diapers comes in "Fluffy Love," which includes the three diapers pictured in the giveaway image above. They are one-size and feature bra-strap-type adjustment options to ensure a perfect fit. These are pocket diapers (meaning you stuff the inserts inside of them) and come with 6 inserts for extra absorbency. These diapers are also a 2-in-1 system, allowing you to use a disposable insert instead. Charlie Banana is committed to providing diapers that prevent rash and are healthy, eco-friendly, and economical. They also support and promote charities, especially Operation Smile and Project Child Save.  You can view this product and more Charlie Banana products on Amazon (affiliate link).


by Annie's Britches // Eco-friendly stitches for little baby britches! (Etsy Shop, Facebook) balm
Gently scented with chamomile and lavender, Annie Britches Bottom Balm is a calming blend of natural and organic ingredients that heal and sooth diaper rash. It's safe to use with your cloth diapers and Annie Britches cloth wipes!
These soft, snugly flannel baby wipes are the perfect Eco-friendly solution for your little baby's britches! They are perfect for families who cloth diaper and those who don't! Anyone can use cloth wipes and they work especially well for babies with sensitive skin. The flannel is washed and pressed before being cut and serged with rounded edges to make the final dimension of the wipes about 7.5" by 7.5". Winner may select a pack of 10 wipes from the Etsy shop in their choice of fabric. anniesbritches

changing pad

Organic Contour Changing Pad Cover

by Horse and Dragon Shoppe // Organic handcrafted bedding and apparel for little dreamers (Etsy Shop, Facebook, Instagram) The softest organic changing pad cover, made of 100% Organic cotton knit and printed with water-based ink. Fits all standard changing pads: 32" x 16" x 4". Serged corners and elastic around the entire cover for durability. Winner can select any print in the shop (over 100 organic & modern cotton knits to choose from!).

  TERMS: Sweepstakes runs from 9.23.15 at 12 noon PST through 10.2.15, 11:59pm PST. No purchase necessary. Applicants must be 18 yrs or older and reside in US or Canada. Winner will be contacted by email on 10.3.15 and will be required to provide a mailing address to claim prizes. Items being offered have been supplied by the associated shops and companies. All winnings will ship directly from the vendors. My Darla Clementine and the blogs promoting this giveaway are not responsible for undelivered winnings. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media.  This post may contain affiliate links.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
When it comes to potty training, each and every kid brings a whole new experience.  I have three kids and I will tell you it's been very different with each one.  My middle was a super quick learner, getting it down the first week we introduced training pants.  The oldest got the hang of it once he started 3 year old preschool and my youngest, well she just turned two and still isn't showing any interest in using the potty.   However, she LOVES "big girl" pants and I think if we keep to using them, here soon she will be the potty master!
Yes, there are disposable trainers out there, but they cost a lot ($75-$100 a month per child), and they contain feces and urine- toxic trash- getting thrown out into our landfills! If you're eco-conscious that just doesn't set well.  So you have to find a trainer with materials that keep messes from getting all over the place as well as help your child notice they're wet/dirty. Enter Super Undies!  These training pants are meant to actually help your child associate the wet/dirty feeling with the act of it, which should help them learn to start using the toilet.  Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants are single use pull-on trainers that are waterproof with built-in plus an option for add-in absorbency. 
The outside of this trainer is made of a soft, smooth spandex that is strong and stretchy along the sides to help get the pull-on up and down as well as a bright, centered section of PUL- polyurethane laminate- a waterproof barrier which keeps the diaper from leaking. 
You can also get a Super Soaker Step-Up Insert to put into the pocket sleeve of the Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants.  This insert is made of two layers of microfiber and the top is covered with the wicking mesh to pull in liquid but also give your child that sensation of being damp.  I love that this is removable, which helps customize the absorbency and makes drying time much faster!
The inside of the pull-on trainer also is lined throughout the middle section of it with this wicking mesh material.  As you can see, the pocket sleeve is stuffed with the insert.  Above is a picture of the front and below is a picture of the back of the INSIDE of the diaper.

We were sent a Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants in exchange for a review in the lavender shade called "Purple Pixie," but there are 4 other colors available including: "Aquanaut," which is blue, "Fearsome Frog," which is green, "Cupcake Queen," which is pink and "Spaceman Pete," which is orange.
The Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants come in 5 different sizes, Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL.  The site says the Small is for 2 years, Medium is for 3 years, Large is for 4-6 years, XL is for 6-9 and XXL is for 9-12 years.  See the chart from the site below.
My daughter's waist is 23", her rise was almost 17" and her legs were about 14".  I decided to try the large, even though she had not yet even turned 2.  When the Super Undies came, I knew right off the large was too big.  Luckily, if you run into this problem they offer exchanges for unwashed and unworn products!  My advice is to order a size down from what the measurements say, these do run big.  Here are some photos of Karebear in the large Super Undies Pull-on Training Pants.
And below are some pictures of her in the medium size, which fits much better.
 Besides the Pull-on Potty Training Pants and Super Soaker Step-up Inserts, there are Snap-on Potty Training Pants, Hybrid Undies Potty Training Pants, Bedwetting Pants, Hybrid Inserts and Soaker Pods for boys- all found on the Super Undies website or on Amazon. They also have a Waterproof Mattress Shield as well as an Absorbent & Waterproof Mattress Topper for extra night time protection.  As an affiliate of The Green Nursery, I can't neglect to mention that Super Undies products can be found there! If you have a need for something like Super Undies in a larger size, be sure to check out what they have available for adults called Threaded Armor. 
Super Undies recommends laundering soiled products every other day. They suggest to wash all Super Undies products in a garment bag to prevent seams from damage in the washing machine, as well as hanging to dry.  You can wash them with your other soiled cloth diapers in a cloth diaper safe detergent.  I admit, there's been a couple times they've been put in the dryer at low heat with my wool dryer balls and it's just fine, but any chance to dry outside on the line they do!
Overall, I have to say that this product is something I've found to be superior to the other pull-on training pants I've tried.  They're much better with leak protection, absorbency and the colors are very cool!  I really like Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants!
What's my favorite thing about this product?  It's really easy to pull up and down, and it's actually really absorbent (lasted 3 hours easy)!
Is there anything I'd change about this product?  The sizing guide is tricky!  It's hard to know for sure what size to get if you have a chunky one, especially. If it's too big, it will gape at the legs, increasing the chance of leakage, so finding the right size is very important.  If you have the opportunity to talk to others who have Super Undies with babes built like yours first before ordering, that might help. 
I give Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants a 9/10!
Go over and say THANK YOU to Super Undies on Facebook for letting me host a giveaway!  Also, this will keep you up to date with products and for more special deals/promotions.
One reader will win a Super Undies Pull-on Potty Training Pants in their choice of color AND one Super Soaker Step-Up insert with a combined value of $22.95!  The winner will be emailed, announced here in the giveaway widget once closed and I'll put a shout out to the winner on my Facebook page so make sure to sign in with the email address you check most often!  You will only have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.
To enter, just fill out the giveaway form below. Must be 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Giveaway will run from 9/22/15-10/7/15. Open to US only. GOOD LUCK!!!
Super Undies Pull-on Training Pants and Super Soaker Insert
Latched On Mom and other participating bloggers did not receive compensation to promote this giveaway, however Latched On Mom was given a free product in exchange for a review. This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are my own, written by me. Please see my full disclosure for more information. This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media. Prize fulfillment is the sponsor's responsibilty. If you have any questions about this giveaway, or have a product you'd like for me to review, please email latchedonmom(at)gmail(dot)com.

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